Disney World’s Star Wars Hotel Dates Are Almost TOTALLY Sold Out

There has been an update on Starcruiser availability, see the latest updates below in red.

Now THIS is an interesting turn of events! Let’s walk you through the latest mind-boggling news of the day.

Wow, just wow.

So recently, Disney dropped a HUGE news bomb that many people did NOT see coming: Disney decided to close the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser later this year. The news sparked a hot discussion on Disney’s rising prices and potential falling demand both in the parks and at the resorts. But now, the plot thickens!

Between the day that the news broke back on May 18th through May 25th, new bookings were temporarily paused. Then, on May 26th, Disney opened up its Star Wars hotel booking availability to anyone. The final voyage for the Star Wars Hotel will be September 28th-30th, 2023, though that date sold out before booking was open to the general public.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Fast-forward to May 26th — the first new booking day. Things were…chaotic, to say the least. A voyage on the Galactic Starcruiser can only be booked over the phone, and the phone lines were very busy. When we tried calling the Starcruiser-specific phone number, the call wouldn’t go through. We couldn’t live chat on the website, either! If you want to book a stay, good luck; it’s pretty challenging!


Throughout the day, we kept our eyes on the calendar to see if any more dates sold out. Well, it turns out that the ol’ FOMO principle is strong with Star Wars fans because SEVERAL dates have already sold out. Take a look at all those blocked-out dates!


Turns out all it takes is the threat of an impending closure to prompt new sales, huh, Disney? As of now, only four dates are still available to book, including May 29th, May 31st, June 4th, and June 12th. Keep in mind that things could change if people cancel their reservations, but for now, the calendar is filling up FAST!

Crown of Corellia Dining Room


As of 5:25PM ET on May 26th, the availability calendar seems to have DISAPPEARED from the Starcruiser website. Though pricing information remains, along with Disney’s message about them experiencing a “high call volume” for bookings, the calendar that once displayed the remaining available dates is gone. It’s possible that all dates have sold out but that has not been officially confirmed yet. We will watch for updates and share information with you as we get more details.

Keep in mind that even if all dates are currently sold out, some availability may open in the future if there are cancelations, so you’ll want to continue to watch for updates there.

Holo Sabacc Table

We will continue to keep our eyes out for additional updates. In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more!

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