These Are the Best (and Worst) Days of June to Buy Disney Genie+

Summer is about to kick off and we’re already looking ahead.

Spaceship Earth

There are a lot of big things happening this summer at Disney World. EPCOT will still be hosting its Flower and Garden Festival through July 5th and then on July 27th, it will kick off the International Food and Wine Festival. It was also just announced that there will be a new restaurant opening this summer at EPCOT. So as we look forward to summer, let’s talk about Genie+ and when is the best and worst time to buy it in June.

Genie+ Pricing

Going to Disney World is already expensive and paying for Genie+ can just be too much. While we don’t know the exact price of Genie+ before the day of, we can make some estimations on when it will be lower and higher in price.

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We know that Genie+ is priced based on demand and when crowds are higher, typically we see higher prices for Genie+ like during Spring Break when we saw Genie+ reach $35 per person.


When crowds are high, wait times increase and you could spend a lot of your day waiting in lines. So you might be tempted to pay for Genie+ even when the price is high so that you can get more done. In the same way, you might not need Genie+ when it’s cheaper because the waits aren’t as long. Only you can decide what is best for you and your family, but we are here to give you some resources to help make that decision.

Ticket Prices

We can take a look at ticket prices to see when it might be busier in June. You can see below that single-day tickets are currently ranging from $134-$149 before taxes in June. On June 1st and 2nd, since the price is $149 it might be a popular day to visit and we could see higher crowds on those days. If you are visiting during the week on a Monday-Wednesday those days are cheaper so we could see lower wait times.


Days You Might Want Genie+

There are also some special events happening in June that could bring in some crowds. For example, June is PRIDE month, and many guests come to Disney World to celebrate.

2022 Disney’s Animal Kingdom

June 18th is Father’s Day and families might travel to the parks to celebrate. It might be a good idea to get Genie+ on this day if your family doesn’t want to wait in line for hours.

Father’s Day!

On June 14th, Garden Grill is reopening for breakfast so we might see higher crowds at EPCOT that day. If you are planning to be at EPCOT that day, you might want to consider Genie+. We also don’t think Genie+ is always worth it at EPCOT as it doesn’t have a lot of rides that utilize the system.

Reasons to Not Get Genie+

There are plenty of reasons to not purchase Genie+. If you are staying at a Disney hotel, you have access to some extended park hours like Early Entry, and if you are at a Deluxe Resort, Extended Evening Hours. During these times, hotel guests are able to ride attractions and can get through a few of their must-dos. If you are able to utilize these, you could skip purchasing Genie+.

Early Theme Park Entry Sign at EPCOT

In June, EPCOT is holding After Hours Events and this is a separately ticketed event where guests can have access to the park after normal hours. Wait times during these events are usually lower and you could plan on doing this instead of using Genie+. Hollywood Studios is also hosting After Hours Events on select nights.

Hollywood Studios After Hours

Only you can decide what is best for your trip, but we hope these resources help you make that decision easier. For more Disney tips and tricks, be sure to follow us at DFB.

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