A COMPLETE List of Easter Eggs in the Cars Films

We love a good Easter Egg… and no, we’re not talking about the chocolate kind the festive bunny leaves around every Spring (though we love those, too).

Art of Animation

We’re talking about Disney Easter Eggs — whether they’re in the parks or in the films, it’s so fun to see how creative the Disney Imagineers can be!

Today, we’re gonna dig into all of the fun hidden secrets and Easter Eggs scattered throughout the Pixar Cars film franchise. That’s right, we’re looking at the whole movie series to find some of the most fun nods to Disney and Pixar you can spot hidden among the plot points!

Ratatouille Reference

In Cars 2 (2011), in Paris you can see a restaurant called “Gastow’s.”


This is a direct reference to “Gusteau’s” restaurant from Ratatouille (2007).

A Steve Jobs Inspired Car

In Cars (2006), an ‘Apple car’ can be seen in the race at the beginning of the movie.


This is a tribute to the former CEO of Pixar, Steve Jobs. The number 84 is also significant and was chosen because it was the year the first Apple computers began selling.

Mike and Sully Cameo

Yet another Pixar crossover experience happens in Pixar’s movie short, Cars Toons – Tokyo Mater (2008).


Mater drives through a Japanese restaurant where Mike Wazowski and James ‘Sully’ Sullivan from Pixar’s Monsters Inc. (2001) can be seen in monster truck form.

Car Country

It seems only fitting that in this automotive universe, the geography would fit the plot.


There’s a country in the shape of a car hidden in the globe on the Cars 2 poster.

Cone Henge

And if the geography adapts to the plot, well, then so does the history and culture!


In the Cars (2006) universe, instead of Stone Henge, there is Cone Henge.

Bumpy Roads

In Cars (2006), Lightning McQueen’s body shakes much more than Mater’s because McQueen is a racecar with firmer suspension, which means the bumpy roads make him shake more aggressively than normal cars that have softer suspension.

Punch Buggy

No detail is too small for the animators and storytellers at Pixar.


In Cars (2006), the flies swarming by the light are little cars (Volkswagen Beatles).

Mazda Miata

Sometimes, it’s all in the name!


Mia and Tia are named as such because they are modeled after the Mazda Miata (Cars, 2006). Do you see the resemblance?

Insurance is the Tie that Binds

If you’re wondering what Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr and our automotive friends have in common, we’re about to spill the tea.


Insuricare, the company that offers “car life insurance” to the cars in Cars 2, is the same company Bob Parr works for in The Incredibles.

Another Incredible Moment

In Pixar’s Cars 2 (2011), a ‘Cars-ified’ version of Pixar’s The Incredibles can be seen now playing at Radiator Springs’ drive-in theatre.


Makes you want to go check out The Incredimobiles.

To Infinity And Beyond

You might need to get some magnifying glasses for this detail.


In Cars (2006), the Lightyear tires used by the race cars are an obvious reference to Buzz Lightyear. The more subtle detail is that they are listed as being from ‘Sector 4, Gamma Quadrant’ where Buzz said he was stationed in the first Toy Story movie.

Home Sweet Home

The actual Pixar Studios makes a cameo appearance.


In Cars (2006), prior to the last race, the jets fly over a replica of Pixar Studios.

Feeling Brave

In Cars 2 (2011), while in a pub in London, look at the tapestry above the fireplace.


There is a tapestry on the wall that is the DunBroch family tapestry from Brave (2012), except they are portrayed as cars.

Bird on a Wire

In Cars (2006), you can see the birds from the Pixar short film For the Birds.


It happens fast, and they actually seem more like a blur, but if you pause it at just the right time, you can see those little feisty, blue aviaries.

Remember Me

In Cars 3 (2017), one of the training racers gets homesick. Cruz Ramirez shows him a photo of his home, and he says, “Santa Cecilia, mi pueblo!”


Santa Cecilia is also where Coco, another Pixar movie, took place.

“Adios, Chuck”

In Cars (2006) Lightning McQueen isn’t the most friendly or humble racecar at the beginning of the film.


The member of Lightning McQueen’s pit crew who insists that his name isn’t Chuck is listed as “Not Chuck” in the end credits.

A Little Racey

In Cars (2006), on the side of the highway, you’ll spy a ‘Top Down Truck Stop.”


The truck stop advertises “convertible waitresses,” which likely only adults would pick up on.

Pizza Planet Truck

The infamous Pizza Planet delivery truck from Toy Story is known to pop up in tons (maybe even ALL) of the Pixar films.


The Pizza Planet delivery truck is a competitor in the demolition derby in Cars 3.

Tire Tracks in the Sky

While you’re focusing on the film and the fun characters, you might not be looking at the sky.


In Cars (2006), the clouds are shaped like tire tracks. It’s such a subtle detail that it’s easy to overlook, but its addition really enhances the depth of the story emersion.

Mountain Range

If you’re not gazing into the sky, you might not be looking too closely at the mountains in the background, either.


In Cars, the canyons are all old cars and hood ornaments.

Connection by Earworm

In Cars 3 (2017), one of the cars is sponsored by “Triple Dent gum.”


If this sounds familiar, it’s the brand of gum in Inside Out (2015), that keeps coming up in Riley’s memories.


Disney and Pixar animators have fun hiding references to A113, a classroom at CalArts where many of them completed animation courses, somewhere in their films.


In Cars 3, Sterling CEO’s office number is A113.


Ever ask yourself, “Why 95?” Why is Lightning McQueen #95, and not #1, #15, or #7?


This is a number with significance as it is a special homage to the year 1995 when Pixar’s first full-length feature film Toy Story debuted.

Dinoco Gas

Dinoco Gas is the sponsor of legendary racer Strip “The King” Weathers and the sponsor Lightning dreams of having in the original Cars film.


In Toy Story, the Dinoco gas station is where Buzz and Woody almost get stranded before they hitch a ride with the Pizza Planet truck.

Those are some of our favorite hidden Easter Eggs in the Cars films! Keep checking back with DFB for more fun posts like this and other Disney news and tips!

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Have you seen these Easter Eggs in the Cars movies? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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