We DARE You To Resist the 5 NEW Treats at Karamell-Küche in EPCOT

Oh, EPCOT, you’ve given us snacks dreams are made of.

This cupcake, y’all

Pretzel Bread Pudding from Sommerfest in the Germany pavilion. Croque Glace from L’Artisan des Glaces in the France pavilion. Seasonal Poutine from the Refreshment Port. We could go on and on. But one of our favorite spots to stop for a sweet treat in EPCOT is a little place where the smell of caramel popcorn draws us in every time — Karamell-Küche. From fresh popcorn to Werther’s Original Gingerbread Salted Caramel Cookie Sandwich, this location is a goldmine for delicious snacks. And recently, they added not one, but FIVE new treats to the lineup.

On our last trip to this caramel-lovers heaven, we spotted a new collection in the bakery case. First, we noticed the Werther’s Original Strawberry Caramel Butter Bar for $4.99.


Now, the original version of this bar has been a DFB favorite for a long time — a gooey, buttery shortbread cookie with a salty-sweet caramel topping. So, how does this new version measure up?

Strawberry Caramel Butter Bar

We enjoyed the flavors! It was sweet but a little salty, and well-balanced. The strawberry purée on top was a really prominent flavor that we liked — it was tart and sweet. The crunchy texture on the bottom complimented the soft buttery topping.

Delicious layers

Unfortunately, this did taste a little greasy. It started to fall apart pretty quickly, but it does have a lot of butter! We can’t fault it too much for that — it is one of the reasons we love it so much!

Next, we tried the Werther’s Original Cookie Dough Caramel for $4.99.

Werther’s Cookie Dough Caramel

This one is cookie dough topped with caramel and a chocolate drizzle. YUM.

We loved the cookie dough in this treat. It was pretty sweet but not overpoweringly so. It had almost a salty flavor, which we liked.

Cookie Dough Caramel

We wished there were more cookie dough in the treat, as the caramel flavor was a little overpowering when it was all put together. Still, we really enjoyed it!

Inside the treat!

Finally, we tried the Werther’s Original Snickerdoodle Sandwich for $6.99.

Werther’s Original Snickerdoodle Sandwich

This was made with two soft Snickerdoodle cookies with a Snickerdoodle icing filling and caramel in the middle.

Look at that caramel!!

As you can probably guess based on the ingredients, this treat was SWEET. If you don’t have a major sugar tooth, you’ll want to skip this one or at least share it between a few people. Although our reporter said it was way too sugary for one person to finish the whole thing, he also said it was very delicious.

The cream in the middle was our favorite part, as it’s very light and fluffy, so it pairs well with the thick caramel.

Inside the cookie sandwich

These three new treats made for a pretty tasty lineup!

The full spread

There were also two other treats that debuted this week — the Werther’s Original 100th Celebration Apple and the Werther’s Original Cupcake. We have seen this caramel apple in other bakery cases around the parks over the past few days, so keep an eye out for it! The cupcake is an updated version of a caramel cupcake we’ve seen during the 50th anniversary, so if you know and love that one (we do!) — make sure to pick up this version on your next trip.


And that’s all, folks! Karamell-Küche did it again. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest Disney food updates as we see them, so stay tuned to DFB for more!

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