Did This Controversial Disney Snack Just Get Even MORE Divisive?

Disney is known for having some iconic snacks.

Turkey leg

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars, Dole Whips, Churros — we could spend all day talking about the tasty treats you can find in the parks (we ARE the Disney Food Blog, after all). However, some of Disney’s iconic snacks are pretty divisive. Enter the Turkey Leg. Listen, not everyone loves this hunk of meat — but it still deserves a spot in Disney’s most popular food lineup. It has a LOT of fans. And now, it has a brand new makeover. There’s a new twist on this classic snack in Disney’s California Adventure (DCA), so we had to give it a try.

In DCA, at the snack cart near Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, you can now find the new Sriracha Glazed Turkey Leg for $15.

Sriracha Glazed Turkey Leg

If you’re a fan of Turkey Legs, you’ll probably really like this version. It didn’t taste a whole lot different than the usual version — it just had a little bit of a sweet and spicy flavoring to it from the glaze. That being said, it really wasn’t as spicy as we thought it would be. It was actually pretty mild.

This was pretty mild!

Since the Sriracha addition was pretty mellow, the turkey leg mostly tasted salty and smoky. So, if you’re not a fan of turkey legs, this one might not be unique enough to give it a shot. Our reporter isn’t a huge fan of this snack to begin with, so he thought that it was just…fine. That being said, sriracha isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (just like the Turkey Leg), so this salty-sweet variation might be even more divisive than the original.

Even Disney MAGNETS have thoughts on these turkey legs

On the other hand, if you love this iconic meaty snack and are excited to try even a slightly different version — give it a go! We’ll keep bringing you reviews on all the latest Disney snacks, so stay tuned to DFB for more.

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