100th Anniversary CHEESE Debuts in Disney World (No, We’re Not Kidding)

We’ve been spotting changes for Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder celebration all over Disney World!

100th anniversary decor at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney World has switched up the packaging on snack items like the Mickey Ice Cream Premium Bars and the Disney popcorn boxes. On a recent visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we noticed another hidden snack change!

As we were enjoying our stroll through Africa around Harambe Village, we got a bit hungry and went in search of a snack. Since the Harambe Fruit Market was nearby, we decided to check out their menu and look for something to eat.

Harambe Fruit Market

If you haven’t visited Harambe Fruit Market before, it’s a snack stand that typically sells chips, fresh fruit, pretzels, and even grilled ears of corn on the cob. The stand also serves small bags of Babybel cheese wheels in a pack, and when we took a closer look, we discovered that the packaging is now different! Disney has swapped out the normal packaging for Disney100 touches to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary. You can pick out a few Disney characters on each of the individual cheeses.

Babybel cheese bag

It was an interesting choice to update the Babybel packaging, but it did put a smile on our faces when we noticed the small detail. Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to pick up a pack on your next Disney World visit.

Animal Kingdom

We’ll also be watching to see if these are spotted in the other parks soon, but for the latest in Disney snack updates, stay tuned with us at Disney Food Blog.

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Have you spotted this update to the packaging at Disney World? Sound off in the comments below!

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