Your Next Trip To Disney World Could Include…ACTUAL SPACE FLIGHT?!

No matter how far you live from Disney World, it always seems like the journey takes forever!

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And if you do live far away, that’s even more true. You can’t just plan for the days you’re in the parks, you have to plan travel days too — suddenly a quick weekend trip turns into five days, five turns into seven, and so on. But what if you could fly to Disney World even faster — by going into space?

How does a flight to Disney World by way of space sound? New research shows that flying from Sydney to London could take only two hours by 2033 — a trip that currently takes 22 hours on average. How? Sub-orbital “earth-to-earth” space flights, according to Forbes.

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The Royal Air Force, King’s College London, and the U.K.’s Civil Aviation Authority have been conducting medical research to see how passengers would fare during a flight like this. So far, research shows that “physiological responses are likely to be benign for most passengers,” per the CAA’s medical lead Dr. Ryan Anderton.

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However, passengers might have problems during the G-force portion of the journey, where trouble breathing and momentary loss of vision have been reported. It’s possible that older people will handle the pressure better than younger travelers.

In the future, the U.K. to Australia flight would involve “taking off in a G-force rocket up to 62 miles or 100 kilometers” — the point at which it would then technically be in space. Passengers would feel G-forces of 4G for around 30 seconds.

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But, the aircraft wouldn’t continue into space — instead, it would stay sub-orbital and re-enter the earth’s atmosphere at 6Gs for 10 to 15 seconds. Don’t go booking your tickets just yet though, as the CAA believes the journey would cost as much as $350,000 at first! Though, it would “reduce over time and with increased demand.”

For now, though, it looks like sub-orbital flights will continue to mainly exist for tourism and research purposes. It’s possible that someday in the future, we might be able to hitch a sub-orbital flight from Sydney to Orlando that takes just a few hours!

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Until then, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the latest flights and planning tips that’ll help you get to Disney World. Stay tuned to DFB for more!

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