We Tried 2 Snacks at Magic Kingdom, and One Left Us TRAUMATIZED

While Disney World is known to many as a smorgasbord of delicious and unique food, eating at Disney World can be tricky for those with dietary restrictions or those who are simply seeking plant-based options.

What’s your favorite Disney World snack?

If you eat plant-based, finding locations at Disney World with plant-based options can be a struggle. Rest assured, though — there are so many tasty plant-based options if you know where to look. Not only do we have a FULL GUIDE to plant-based dining, but we’re always trying new options in the parks that serve as tasty alternatives to beloved Disney foods. Now, we’re talking about two choices for you plant-based eaters who are seeking quick and tasty theme park food. Let’s go!

Both of these plant-based food options are found at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and both are from quick-service restaurants, so you don’t even need to make a dining reservation in order to grab these two items. These are the Plant-based Bratwurst and Tots from The Friar’s Nook and the Plant-based “Cheese” Pizza from Pinocchio Village Haus. Let’s try them out and see if they’re worth grabbing!

Plant-Based Bratwurst and Tots from The Friar’s Nook

First up, let’s try the brat! We were a bit hesitant to grab this snack. You see, in the past, this brat was served on a regular hot dog bun with a small cup of sauerkraut on the side. This was a massive downgrade from the brat on a pretzel bun that we were so used to having. (Before it was a hot dog bun it was a pretzel bun.) It stayed this way for a LONG time, and when we compared it to the brat on a pretzel bun at B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. in Disney Springs, we seriously thought someone was playing a cruel prank on us. So, imagine our surprise when we received a brat on a PRETZEL BUN at Friar’s Nook recently.

Plant-Based Bratwurst

The first thing we noticed about the return of the pretzel bun was how much longer the pretzel bun is than the standard hotdog bun. This wasn’t an issue though, because we were able to fill it with the sauerkraut that was served on the side along with some mustard.

Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and mustard

We aren’t kidding when we say the pretzel bun makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the flavor of this snack! The pretzel bun takes the snack that we would only grab in the event of an emergency to something that could be a first-choice meal for us.

You can never go wrong with tater tots!

This is something we’d definitely get more often now, and it’s a great choice for vegan and plant-based eaters that are visiting Magic Kingdom. As long as there’s a pretzel bun involved, we definitely recommend this snack.

Plant-Based “Cheese” Pizza at Pinocchio Village Haus

Next up, we’re trying the “cheese” pizza at Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland. This is a regular pizza topped with tomato sauce and plant-based cheese. Let’s give it a try!

Plant-based “Cheese” Pizza

Now, we won’t accuse this of being a microwave pizza… BUT — it did remind us a whole lot of a microwave pizza. The cheese is made by Follow Your Heart, which is one of the easier brands to find at the store. When melted, the consistency tends to be more like warm cream cheese and is gooey in a way that dairy cheese normally isn’t. This cheese was no different and unless you’re used to it, you might find it difficult to stomach.

A slice

We doctored ours up with red pepper flake packets and barbecue sauce, but because of the thin, chewy crust… it’s safe to say our gag reflex was triggered. It had a VERY unsatisfying texture. Maybe if it had a crispier crust like that of a flatbread, we would have liked it more.

Plant-based “Cheese” Pizza

We wouldn’t recommend this pizza to anyone. It made us gag. Skip unless you know you like this cheese. No questions asked.

We’ll continue to keep you updated with all the latest Disney food news and updates, including reviews of plant-based options! Follow along for more!

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