A List of EVERY Corkcicle at Wine Bar George

If you’ve been around for a while, you know how much we love Wine Bar George in Disney Springs.

Wine Bar George

And if you’re new here, guess what? We LOVE Wine Bar George in Disney Springs! We love the food, we love the wine selection, we love the cocktails, and we LOVE the Corkcicles!

Over the years, Wine Bar George has released classic and seasonal Corkcicles. And this collaboration of restaurant sommelier brilliance with a unique merchandise item is pretty much perfect! In case you didn’t know — Corkcicles aren’t just a thermos or fancy-shaped Yeti cup. Corkcicle tumblers use a first-of-its-kind, proprietary layer of insulation. In between the two walls of vacuum sealed 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, there’s a third layer that keeps drinks cold for up to 20 percent longer than other insulated bottles and cups.

Look for It Here!

In terms of wine, Corkcicles keep your white wines chilled and bring your room-temperature reds down to a more suitable “cellar” temperature, without the need for an ice bucket. Now can you see why Corkcicle and WBG are a match made in heaven? Having your wine in a Corkcicle means each sip is experienced at the exact temperature it should for optimum flavor development – a sommelier’s dream come true!

@winebargeorge on Instagram

Now that we have a better understanding of WHY George Miliotes, Master Sommelier, would want to collaborate with Corkcicle (and why we all might want a collection of them!), let’s take a look at ALL of those beautiful Wine Bar George Corkcicles we’ve seen!

2022 Classic White came out during the Flavors of Florida celebration.

Frozen Old Fashioned

Wood Grain Corkcicle is a classic. Even though you can put a DOLE Whip Froscato in yours, we can also imagine it’d be delightful to sip a classic Old Fashioned from!

2023 Easter Pastels are the perfect way to fill an adult Easter basket.

2022 Easter Pastels kept the tradition alive with a sweet little Easter gift for grown-ups.

2022 WBG Easter Corkcicles

2023 Valentine’s Pink Floral was the Corkcicle we were looking for to ring in the coming Spring.

Star Wars Collection provided the option of Darth Vader, C3PO, and StormTrooper designs.


2022 Fall Colors came in with that classic and timeless black and the, dare we say, pumpkin-spiced color perfect for any fall beverage.

2022 Florida Football Season celebrated the regional football teams.

Powder Blue part of that 2022 Easter Pastel collection that we saw become a popular choice.

Mother’s Day Flowers no need to get Mom a bouquet that will wilt, when these flowers are timeless.

2021 Holiday Sweater is a cup we would be happy to sip our Egg Nog out of.

©Wine Bar George, Disney

2021 Spiderman release was worthy of the friendly neighborhood hero and a great way to support your favorite Avenger.

Spider-Man Corkcicle!

2021 Hooten Young joined in on the collab, lending its logo to the mix for those Whiskey fans.

WBG Hooten Young

2020 Rosé cup made a splash, and we can’t deny feeling sophisticated sipping a rosé in a rosé cup.

Rosé Corkcicle @WineBarGeorge

2020 Pink was just perfectly pink.

Shortcake Color Block Corkcicle

2020 Green/Yellow was the second color block released in 2020, and we can’t help but think of Kermit and Miss Piggy when we see the two color block cups together.


2019 Champagne , if we can sip rosé from a rosé cup, why not sip champagne from a champagne flute?

Champagne Corkcicle Flute

2019 Glampagne was also available in a stemless tumbler form.

©Wine Bar George

2019 Neon Pink if you still have this in your cabinet, it might be the perfect cuppie to use while you watch the new Barbie movie, or binge all of the Legally Blonde films. Elle Woods would approve.

Photo Courtesy of IG @prettylittlemonograms

2019 Gun Metal for that distinctly non-pink vibe.

Gun Metal Corkcicle

2019 Blue was a great patriotic color to ring in the 4th of July back in 2019.

Blue Corckcicle

2019 Yellow which might be the perfect cup to drink a DOLE Whip mimosa out of!

Yellow Corksicle

Keep an eye on DFB as we bring you the latest WBG seasonal Corkcicle. And the next time you’re in Disney Springs, check the Basket next to Wine Bar George for the current Corkcicle available. Remember, when you buy a Corkcicle here, you get your choice of frozen cocktail in the cup complimentary!

DETAILS ANNOUNCED About the NEW Wine Bar George Location in the Orlando Airport

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Do you have any of these Wine Bar George Corkcicles? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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