We Tried the NEW MENU at a Disney World Mexican Restaurant. Is It a Hit or a Miss?

If you’re looking for Mexican food in Disney World, you have options.

Mexico Pavilion at Night

Rosa Mexicano opened recently near EPCOT, Frontera Cocina is a fun choice if you’re headed to Disney Springs, and there’s a whole Mexico pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase. But, there’s another Mexican restaurant in Disney World that you might not have ever heard of before. In Disney’s Coronado Resort, Maya Grill offers a “Nuevo Latino” dinner. They recently got a whole new menu, and we checked it out — come see how it went!


The restaurant has a unique backstory that is reflected in its design. According to the tale, villagers in Mexico embarked on a journey to find a new place to call home. The Mayan people landed in Lago Dorado, an area known for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Sun Temple

In order to pay tribute to their heritage, the people erected four temples. The Sun and Moon temples honored the deities responsible for bountiful harvests and peaceful living

Moon Temple

and the Fire and Water temples honored the gods who were responsible for providing warmth and nourishment to the villagers.

Fire Temple

The restaurant has high ceilings, Spanish tiles, and a warm glow that transports you to a different place.

Water Temple

When I arrived, there was a guitarist playing Latin music while I waited for my table.

Waiting area with musician

The restaurant had a mix of seating options. There were a variety of tables…

Table setting

…as well as a few half tables/ half booths.

Table setting

Let’s take a look at the menu!


I was given a new menu, which had a full description of the story of the restaurant.

the Maya Grill story

There was also a section for starters, which features items like House Guacamole, Chicken Tinga Flautas, and Mexican Shrimp Cocktail. In the Family Style section, they offered a Fiesta Salad, Maya Grill Parrillada, and Cowboy Steak. There were also Fajitas and a selection of Mains, like Enchiladas, Baja Fish Tacos, and Ossobucco Al Pastor. For sides, there are choices from Cilantro Rice, Sauteed Broccolini, Brussell Sprouts, and Fried Plantains.


On the back of the menu was a collection of drink options as well as desserts. This restaurant has a list of tequilas, a tequila flight, and a nice selection of margaritas. You also have plenty of craft cocktails to choose from, like the Golden Zama and the B’ak’tun’s Old Fashioned, as well as a few spirit-free choices  and a wine list.

Drink Menu

For desserts, they had a few options like Fried Churro Ice Cream, Mexican Mocha Lava Cake, and Cafe de Olla.


Time to dig in!


First, I tried the Queso Fundido for $12. This is melted Chihuahua & Oaxaca cheese, pico de gallo, and cilantro served with three flour tortillas. You also have the option to add Chorizo or Esquites. Queso Fundido is traditionally thicker and gooier than the queso you often see in the US. It’s a bold mix of flavors that is usually served with tortillas rather than chips — chips wouldn’t hold up well to the weight of it anyways.

Queso Fundido

I thought this dish had a ton of flavor. The bottom had a delicious crispy texture where it met the skillet, and the brightness from the tomato, onion, and cilantro complimented it well.

Queso Fundido

However, while it was served sizzling hot, it didn’t take long for it to start separating. After the oil started separating from the cheese solids, the textures got a little strange — almost eggy and a bit greasy. You really want to start eating this fast in order to take advantage of the hot gooey texture. If you don’t, the textures in this appetizer won’t hold up well.

The oil started separating…

Also, keep in mind that this is heavy on cilantro, so it’s not for everyone!

Next, I had the Birria Lamb Enchiladas for $34. These are Birria Lamb rolled in our home-made corn tortillas, salsa verde, Oaxaca and Chihuahua cheeses, topped with sour cream, Cotija cheese, & crispy onions served with sweet plantains.

Birria Lamb Enchiladas

This dish was a little salty, but the flavors were good. I really enjoyed the homemade corn tortillasthey tasted fresh and had a nice crunch. Inside, the lamb was really tender and well-seasoned. I expected there to be more cheese, but the blend that was on top had good flavor. It was more of a thick cheese blend, similar to the Queso Fundido, than a meltier cheese like I would have expected.

Birria Lamb Enchiladas

The crispy fried onions on top had a nice crunch and added a surprising sweetness that really liked. They complimented the savory enchiladas well and added a nice texture to the dish. On the side were three pieces of plantain — just enough to accompany the dish. They were sweet, tender, a little tangy, and had beautiful crispy edges.  I would order these as a side on their own — they were really delicious.


Overall, I expected this to be a lot saucier and cheesier. But instead, the lamb was the star. If you are looking for something that highlights the meat of a dish, this is a great option. But if you’re looking for saucy enchiladas that have a bold tangy flavor from the salsa verde and are extra cheesy, this might not be for you. I personally would have preferred to have more salsa verde, but the flavors were good — especially the homemade tortillas.


For my second entree, I had the Chicken Mole for $32. This is a pan-seared marinated airline chicken and Oaxaca mole, served with roasted tricolor cauliflower and sautéed broccolini.

Chicken Mole

This was extremely tender. The chicken was juicy and had a generous portion of mole on top. The sauce was smoky and a little spicy. It tasted like an earthy barbecue sauce with a bite that creeps up on you.

Chicken Mole

The veggies were very fresh. The broccolini and cauliflower had a nice crunch and a sweet, mildly earthy flavor. The pickled onions were also crunchy but added a tangy, bright flavor to the mix. Honestly, they were one of my favorite things that I had here.

Chicken Mole

Overall, this is a unique dish to try. If you’ve never had mole but like barbecue chicken and want to try something new, this might be a great place to start, especially if you like complex flavors. Between the earthy, smoky chicken and the bright, crunchy veggies, this entree had a good balance of flavors and didn’t feel heavy or like it weighed me down.

Chicken Mole with Veggies

For dessert, I had the Fried Churro Ice Cream for $12. This had two scoops of vanilla ice cream coated in churro crunch resting on a bed of Oreo cookie crumbles, drizzled with chocolate syrup. While not in the description, mine also had caramel and strawberry sauce.

Fried Churro Ice Cream

The ice cream was creamy but held its shape pretty well.  It’s coated in crushed-up fried churros, which didn’t really have a strong flavor. Compared to everything else going on, the churros just added a crunchy texture. The chocolate from the Oreos overpowered it.

Fried Churro Ice Cream

Personally, I would have liked a more churro-centered ice cream dessert (hello, Churro Sundae from La Cantina de San Angel :heart_eyes:). However, this would be a good kid-friendly option.

Fried Churro Ice Cream

The presentation was fun for a kid, and the flavors were simple enough that picky eaters should enjoy it.


Overall, this restaurant had some solid options for those looking for Mexican food, but the choices are a little unique in a way that probably won’t fit everyone’s preference. The atmosphere was a bit moody and warm, emulating the colors of a Mexican sunset with the backdrop of live music from a Latin guitar player. This feels to me more of a spot for a date night, but if you’re looking for a brighter, more upbeat experience and are in the mood for Mexican food — Rosa Mexicana might be a better fit. The food had a similar feel to it — more earthy and maybe a little rustic.

Dinner entrees

Also, in my experience, the service was a little on the slow side. This might be good if you are looking for a romantic evening and don’t want to feel rushed, but if you are looking for a quick meal, this might be a sticking point. However, much of the staff was very interactive and friendly — from the host who shared an in-depth, fun narrative of the restaurant, to the manager who made sure to stop by frequently.

Nosh or Not

Make your way over to Maya Grill if…

  • You want an authentic Mexican experience. The food here is unlike what you will see in a lot of American Mexican restaurants, so it might be a good spot if you’re looking for something unique.
  • You are looking for a slow, romantic meal. The restaurant is a little darker and has a bit of a romantic feel, and I didn’t feel rushed.
  • You are staying at Coronado Springs and want a Mexican Dinner. If you are staying at this resort and already know you love Mexican food — this might be a great choice for you!

Skip Maya Grill if…

  • You are not staying at Coronado Springs and you have a tight schedule. This restaurant is a bit out of the way, so it might not make sense to dine here unless you have the time and are really excited about this style of cuisine. There are plenty of Mexican restaurants across Disney World to choose from.
  • You have picky eaters in your group. The food here is a bit unique and some might have a hard time finding something they really enjoy.
  • You have a tight budget. The food here was not exorbitantly priced, especially for Disney standards, but it was definitely not cheap!

Whether or not this restaurant is the right choice for you depends on your party’s preferences. We have had some good experiences here, but ultimately only you can decide if this is the perfect fit for your group.

Maya Grill

We’ll continue to bring you reviews of Disney dining experiences, so stay tuned to DFB for more!

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