The Unexpected Problem That Could Affect Your Next Flight to Disney World

ANYTHING can happen when you travel, even if you’re traveling to Disney World.


Flight delays and cancellations can happen for a number of reasons, including weather, technical issues, and more. Recently, though, flights were delayed from Orlando for a more unusual reason.

According to WESH, flights out of Orlando International Airport were delayed on May 17th due to a bird striking a plane. The FAA reported that this resulted in a runway being temporarily closed, and the incident caused gate holds and taxi delays.

Orlando International Airport

As a result, flights began to be delayed by about an average of 30 minutes and more. However, the issue has since been resolved and that runway has reopened. At the moment, there are no more delays as a result of the bird strike.  However, we will always recommend that if you’re flying into and out of Orlando, always keep an eye on your flight status on your airline’s website or app.

Orlando International Airport

When traveling, it’s best to plan for these things in advance, so be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand — and things to do — if you end up having to wait an extra amount of time for your flight (you can buy snacks in the airport, but they are generally more expensive there). Most importantly, remember that patience can go a long way in keeping stress levels down during these situations.

Orlando International Airport

We’ll continue to report on anything important happening at Orlando International Airport, so be sure to stay tuned to DFB for more!

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Have you ever had a flight delay occur due to a bird strike? Give us all the details in the comments!

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