The One Thing in EPCOT Everyone HATES Is Finally Gone!

EPCOT has been going through a lot of changes lately.


There’s a new Moana attraction in the works, a new nighttime show will soon celebrate the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, and new meet-and-greets will arrive later this summer. But one change has had guests counting down the days until its completion — the removal of the Harmonious barges.

When EPCOT’s Harmonious nighttime show debuted, guests largely agreed that the barges that were installed for the show were unsightly. While the show itself did have its fans, the unfortunate side effect was an obstructed view of the lagoon. So, after the show ended on April 2nd, 2034, many guests were excited for those barges to be removed. And Disney did start removing them quickly — at first.


For the past month, Disney has been taking down each segment, one by one. First, we saw a few of the “tacos” removed.

We won’t miss you

Then, the large ring in the center was removed. But two remaining tacos stayed for a LONG time. Well, now, they are officially gone! That’s right, the most controversial part of EPCOT has finally been removed from our lives and we certainly aren’t sad about it.

They’re GONE!!!

Now we can see across the World Showcase Lagoon properly once again, and that’s a wonderful sight! Make sure you take it all in on your next trip to EPCOT. Speaking of which, did you hear that a BRAND NEW table service restaurant is opening in EPCOT soon? Read more here!

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