I Was Today Years Old When I Realized EPCOT Is Color-Coded

Listen, even the Disney experts still learn new things when we venture into the parks.


From discovering new holy grail snacks that have been there all along to finally witnessing some behind-the-scenes details of the Disney Parks to discovering the methods behind Disney’s madness — it seems like we learn something new every day! Today, we definitely noticed something that we’d never noticed before at Disney World, and it’s in plain sight at EPCOT.

When checking out an artist concept of EPCOT, we noticed that the different areas of the park were color-coded. We’ve seen this picture plenty of times before, but today it caught our attention, and we decided to do some sleuthing.


Sure enough, it turns out that EPCOT does seem to follow this color scheme! Details in World Discovery are red, World Celebration details are blue, World Nature details are green, and World Showcase details are yellow. How cool is that?!

Check out the blue trash cans and popcorn stand in World Celebration.


Sure enough, the trash cans in World Nature are green.


In World Discovery, there are red trash cans and food stands galore.

Red details!

In World Showcase, the booths and trash cans are themed to each of the countries rather than the yellow shown on the map — which we love. However, it means that the yellow color code for this section of the park isn’t as prevalent as the code is in other areas.

World Showcase

Now, just in case you’re ever lost while trekking around the world, you’ll always know which part of EPCOT you’re in just by looking at the trash cans. Who knew? We’ll continue to keep you updated on all the latest Disney news — and yes, our latest Disney discoveries. Follow along for more!

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