Everyone Is Asking if TRON Is Better Than Guardians of the Galaxy in Disney World. Here’s a Better Question.

No two Disney World rides are created equally — a fact that most fans are very aware of. And with new attractions having recently opened and more on the horizon soon, there’s a lot more competition when it comes to which ride takes the top spot as the BEST.

TRON Lightcycle / Run

TRON: Lightcycle / Run recently opened in Magic Kingdom, and folks have been eager to ride. But, is TRON better than Disney World’s other new coaster, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind? Forget which ride is better, here’s what you really should be asking instead!

TRON: Lightcycle Run in Magic Kingdom and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT are Disney World’s NEWEST rides, and that fact means they’re pretty busy since everyone is hoping to experience them for the first time. If you haven’t had the chance to enter the grid and ride TRON yet, you might be wondering if it’s better than Cosmic Rewind. But if it were up to us, you would be asking this instead!

Can You Ride BOTH?

Disney tries to control crowds with a virtual queue system, which allows people to reserve a spot in line by joining a boarding group from the My Disney Experience app. This allows visitors to wander the park and experience other things while waiting for their return time, or their “appointment” to ride.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Currently, virtual queues and Individual Lightning Lane reservations are the only way to experience both TRON and Cosmic Rewind. That poses an important question for many visitors: Is it possible to ride BOTH of these rides in one day? YES! That is, of course, assuming that you are able to reserve your spot for both before they sell out or run out of available spots in line.

Some people manage to get a virtual queue!

This also assumes you have valid theme park admission and the ability to park hop since the rides are in two different parks — Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. We’ve got a full guide on exactly how you can go about doing this right here, but essentially, you’ll have to secure a virtual queue spot for one and an Individual Lightning Lane for the other or two Individual Lightning Lanes. Keep in mind that each guest can only hold two ILL reservations per day — so this will be your limit.

Which Should You Prioritize?

Virtual Queue

When TRON first opened, it was extremely difficult to snag a spot in the virtual queue. People were super excited about this ride, and both the 7AM and 1PM virtual queue drops would fill up within seconds. But lately, we’ve seen availability in the queues for up to two hours after the initial drop. We’re not sure if this is due to a general lull in visitors at the parks or not, but from what we’ve been seeing, the TRON virtual queue isn’t as difficult to enter as it used to be — at least for now.

TRON Lightcyle / Run

Cosmic Rewind, on the other hand, is a different story. Just like TRON, the VQ for this ride was a nightmare when it first opened in May 2022. But unlike TRON, demand for the VQ of Cosmic Rewind hasn’t dwindled as dramatically. We often see the queue fill up pretty quickly for the ride, even after being open for a year.

Cosmic Rewind queue

So, with that being said, you might want to consider trying to snag a virtual queue for TRON since it’s usually easier than trying to get one for Cosmic Rewind. Keep in mind though, you’ll need a park pass reservation for Magic Kingdom to try for either the 7AM or 1PM drop.

Individual Lightning Lane

When it comes to Individual Lightning Lanes, we typically see more availability with Cosmic Rewind, though both have been known to sell out on occasion. Over spring break, we saw all the Individual Lightning Lane rides in Disney World sell out at one point or another. But recently, ILLs have been available for both rides well into the day.

Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queue

Usually, though, Cosmic Rewind tends to be cheaper than TRON when it comes to ILL pricing, so if saving some dough (even if it’s just a couple of dollars here and there) is important to you, purchasing a Cosmic Rewind ILL might be the best option. Of course, this can be entirely dependent on when you’re visiting Disney World and what the crowds look like then. Demand for TRON may be high one day, with Cosmic Rewind taking the top spot the next.


So yes, it is possible to ride both TRON and Cosmic Rewind in one day. And while you may prefer one over the other, at the end of the day, they’re both thrilling new roller coasters at Disney World that we sure can’t get enough of! It just takes a bit of planning, but if you know how to prioritize you’ll be able to decide for yourself. You might also want to consider what sort of ride you’re looking for — Cosmic Rewind features some killer tunes, while TRON offers that Lightcycle experience you won’t find anywhere else in Disney World.

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