The SECRET Cast Members You Never Knew Existed in Disney World

There are hidden details everywhere at the Disney parks.

Snack cart

When we’re strolling through the parks, we try to keep our eyes peeled for all the fun and delightful secrets that Disney and Imagineers have hidden for guests. We’ve spotted things like certain characters playfully hiding, incredibly rare hidden Mickeys, and treats we’ve almost missed. And recently when getting some snacks, we learned about a fun detail that you may have never noticed.

We’re sure you’ve seen the Cast Members’ name tags throughout Disney World. But have you ever noticed that some SNACK CARTS have name tags too?! On a recent trip to Disney World, we spotted a name tag on a cart, so we decided to ask a Cast Member about it.

Snack cart with a name tag

It turns out that when a Cast Member receives a Cast Compliment or does something exceptional, they get to name one of the food carts. How cool is that? (Remember that you can send Cast Compliments to any Cast Member who makes your day in Disney World through the My Disney Experience app: click here for a full guide on how to do that.)

Snack cart name tag

Next time you’re grabbing a churro or a Mickey pretzel, take a closer look at the cart and see if it has a name. You might just be enjoying a snack from a cart that was named by a Cast Member who went above and beyond to make a guest’s day magical.

Snack cart name tag

This is just one of the many ways that Disney recognizes and rewards its Cast Members for their hard work and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences for guests. So the next time you see a cast member going the extra mile, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them – who knows, they might just get to name a food cart in your honor!

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