Please Help Me Justify This $89 Decision I’m About to Make in Disney World

Oh, hi there. I appreciate you coming to read this and possibly deter me from making what I am absolutely CERTAIN is a monstrously horrible financial choice. Or is it…????

Magic Kingdom fireworks

Disney keeps doing this to us — with the $79,000 Spaceship Earth and the clock that costs 2 grand — but those are pretty easy to resist, TBH. I don’t know about you, but if I have $79,000 it’s probably gonna go in my retirement fund. And $2,000 could get me one night (maybe) at the Grand Floridian…(LOL except it’s kind of true).

But THIS. This could potentially be within the realm of a “questionable but defensible choice” rather than a pipe dream, right? Check it out:

100th Anniversary TIARA

That’s right, friends. This is a Walt Disney Company 100th Anniversary…TIARA! What?! Seriously who thought this was a good idea to tempt all of us armchair Disney princesses with something that’s both fancy AND COMMEMORATIVE?!

100th Anniversary Tiara

This is easily gonna be worth zillions someday, right? I mean I’m doing future me a disservice if I DON’T BUY IT?!


OK, OK, OK…it’s a presale, so I have time to think about it. And so do YOU. But if a tiara isn’t your jam, you can also spend beau coup dolla bills on a few more commemorative items we spotted in Crystal Arts today.

More 100th Anniversary Stuffs

Drop $85 on this crystal Cast Member Nametag, which I’m pretty sure is CUSTOMIZABLE…

Crystal Cast Member Nametag

…or you could spend $349 on whatever this is

Porcelain Mickey and Minnie Thing

…or $149 for this cup and saucer situation!

I obvi need this cup and saucer


Which one is your dream buy? You can grab them all…for a limited time…at Crystal Arts in Magic Kingdom, right there on Main Street U.S.A.!

Stay tuned for more bargain-hunting here on DFB. And, by the way, if you DO want to stay at Grand Floridian for a teensy bit less, Disney’s got a hotel discount on right now! We won’t tell if you won’t!

(Psst…here’s that hotel discount we were talking about. Maybe you can save enough to buy that nametag.)

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