Hold Up! Waiting in Line at Hollywood Studios Is About to Get Way Better

We’ve got great news from Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror is a top tier (see what I did there…like, it’s tall…you know?…OK never mind) attraction in Hollywood Studios, but the line can get quite long, and some of it is outside in the hot sun.

Now, Disney actually opened this ride with a way to keep you cool in line, but that whole shebang has been BROKEN for, like, ever. Well guess what! It’s been fixed!

We spoke with a cast member today when we saw misters turned on in the ride’s queue, and sure enough, nature is healing!

Misters in the Lightning Lane

These misters opened with the ride back in 1994, but they broke in 2015 and hadn’t been fixed in nearly 8 years, according to the ride’s Cast Members. Now that they are fixed, the ride queue is back to the way Imagineers originally designed it.

These will keep you much cooler

They look so cool, right? Both figuratively and literally?! It’s like you’re walking through the MISTS OF TIME! (Oh man, these pun opportunities just keep getting better and better.)

Anyway, this is gonna keep those waiting outside in line a lot cooler, making everyone’s day a LOT more enjoyable. Too bad you’re headed for your DOOM!

The misters themselves

Oh, and wanna hear about something ELSE we noticed??? The Hollywood Tower Hotel sign is back to its former spooky glory — updated effects have been added!

This is awesome, cause a lot of people don’t notice the very cool effects on this sign!

Here’s wishing you a cooler and happier WDW summer. As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney news!

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