A Complete Breakdown of the Most CONFUSING Part of Disney Genie+

Genie+ has been around for a while now in Disney World, and we’ve gotten to know the system pretty well.


But, if you’re not in the parks every day like we are, it can still be pretty darn confusing. There are times you need to remember, rules you have to follow, and certain tricks you might not know. We’re breaking down one of the most confusing Genie+ rules so you can be prepared!

Just as a refresher, Disney Genie+ is an optional paid service in addition to the standard Disney Genie.  Disney Genie+ allows you to bypass standby lines and enter the Lightning Lane (previously known as the FastPass line) at select attractions by paying a base price, starting at $15 per day*, per ticket at Disney World.

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With Genie+, guests can make one ride selection at a time. You can make another selection when one of three things happens:

  1. You have used the first one you booked;
  2. Your first return time window has ended (if you miss it); or
  3. 120 minutes have passed since you booked your last one* (or 120 minutes after park opening, depending on the situation).  Essentially, you can book another Lightning Lane 2 hours (120 minutes) after reserving a previous one if the return time for the first Lightning Lane is more than 2 hours away.

Lightning Lane

The 120-minute rule is arguably the most confusing of them all. You can generally make 1 Genie+ selection at a time throughout the day. But after you’ve made your first one, when can you make your second one? That’s where the 120 rule comes in.

Lightning Lane

If you book your first Genie+ choice in the morning for later in the day, then you can make a second Genie+ Lightning Lane choice once 120 minutes have passed. But if you book before park opening time, this countdown starts at park opening time. This is the key here! We’ll come back to that for a second.

At Disney World, you can make your first Lightning Lane attraction selection at 7AM on the day of your visit. So yes, you will need to get up pretty early on your vacation to get the most out of Genie+.

Lightning Lane sign at Beauty and the Beast show

So let’s say you wake up early (at 7AM) and make your first Genie+ selection for a ride at Hollywood Studios that doesn’t have a return time until 12PM (maybe something like Slinky Dog Dash). You won’t be able to use that first Genie+ selection until your designated 12PM return time, and your return time won’t end until later in the day. So are you stuck waiting until you ride the ride or that time passes before booking another one? NOPE! With the 120-minute rule, you can book another Genie+ selection sooner than that. But here’s where people get it wrong.

Disney World Lightning Lane

If you make that first Genie+ selection BEFORE the park opens, your 120-minute timer actually starts when the park OPENS. In this case, you booked the Genie+ selection at 7AM, but Hollywood Studios doesn’t open until 9AM. So you’ll be able to book that next Genie+ selection at…11AM!

Lightning Lane

Keep in mind that the 120-minute rule only applies to standard Genie+ attractions and not Individual Lightning Lanes, which are pay-per-ride instead. If you’re ever in doubt, you can check the Genie+ section in the My Disney Experience app and it will tell you if you’re too early to make that second selection. 

You can always keep up with DFB for more Disney Genie+ tips too — and for all your other Disney World news and updates!

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