We Finally Know The Most Popular Disney Dog Names in Florida (And Our Lives Are Now Complete)

How many of you are loving pet owners? (And that includes being both pet owners who love their pets…and people who love people who are pet owners…that’s OK too.)

Slinky Dog Dash

Either way, you should know that Disney and pets keep finding their way back to each other! There are ways you can bring your dog to Disney World with you (but it may cost you a pretty penny), and you probably know there’s TONS of Disney pet merchandise we see as well. But it also seems that many Florida residents name their beloved four-legged friends after Disney characters!

Click Orlando has recently released a list of the 50 most popular dog names in Florida, and a few of them are familiar! Number 45 on the list is Simba!


Then, number 38 is Bruno!


Nala also landed at number 13, Daisy at number 8, Coco at number 4, and Max at number 3 (we know that one is more generic, but we think of Max Goof so it TOTALLY COUNTS AS A DISNEY NAME, OK)!

Nala Plush

With Florida being the home of Disney World, it’s not surprising to us that these names are popular. And if you REALLY want to make your day 1000% better right now, you should go check out this post where we asked our twitter followers to share pics of their Disney-named pets! That’s right! YOU CAN GO LOOK AT A BUNCH OF DOGGOS RIGHT NOW INSTEAD OF DOING BORING THINGS LIKE WORK AND LAUNDRY! You’re welcome.

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