Three Super Popular Ways To Severely Hurt Yourself in Disney World (Speaking From Experience)

Hi! You might think Disney World is all safety and not-getting-wounded, but I’m here to tell you that’s NOT ALWAYS TRUE! It is, in fact, rather common to get hurt in Disney World…at least in these three ways… .

Haunted Mansion in Disney World

SO MANY Disney fans have experience with these injuries, so we’re sounding the alarm and making sure YOU don’t make the same mistakes WE have…over and over again!

We’re headed to Magic Kingdom first, which may look all kinds of unthreatening. Those cute Main Street U.S.A. shops, fluffy characters, and magical princesses couldn’t possibly end in disaster could they?

YES, they COULD! Main Street is lined with CLEARLY menacing trolley tracks, which target new and veteran guests alike with they way the innocuously blend into the street below. You’re walking down Main Street, staring at the siren that is Cinderella Castle, looking all around you, taking it all in, when BAM — suddenly you’re limping from the worst twisted ankle ever.

Main Street USA Trolley Tracks

Now of course that last paragraph is a little tongue-in-cheek, but I’m not gonna lie — this happens more often than we’d care to admit, and it’s basically become a meme for Disney fans! So while it’s hard to stay vigilant when all you want to do is stare at the castle, we advise that you keep one eye on the ground and pack your ACE bandages LOL!

Next on our list of super popular ways to severely hurt yourself in Disney World is…drinking around the World! Or at least the potential outcome of doing so! This is a rite of passage for Disney-goers. You head to EPCOT, choose your starting point (Left: Mexico, or Right: Canada — by the way there IS a correct choice), and get a drink in all 11 World Showcase countries around the lagoon!

EPCOT Morocco Pavilion

Now we’ve got LOTS of tips for drinking around the world — from which drinks to get, to what to wear when you’re doing it, but possibly the most important tips are to pace yourself and drink plenty of water along the way!

Drinking Around The World

Also, be sure to combine your imbibing with some good eats for balance. I can highly recommend grabbing a snack at Joy of Tea in China, some pretzel bread pudding in Germany, and of course some loaded fries in America!

New Loaded Fries

OK, so now you’ve twisted your ankle and probably gotten into a couple of scrapes internally and externally with eleven drinks in EPCOT. What’s next?

Well, this one is REALLY embarrassing, but I’ll be honest. I do this to myself on nearly every Disney trip no matter how many lessons I’ve learned. We’re talking about BLISTERS and SUNBURN!

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

These two injuries can set you back for DAYS. Let’s start with those blisters. Think about how much walking you do in Disney World. It’s often 15,000-20,000 steps per day. And I can tell you right now that when those blisters develop — due to brand new shoes that aren’t broken in, wet sandals rubbing against your feet all day, or walking too fast for too long — it is AGONY.

I have had experiences where I had to buy and wear multiple pairs of socks WITH FLIP FLOPS just to get myself back to my car at EPCOT. I’ve had to beg cast members at Coronado Springs Resort to see if they had any moleskin behind the front desk that I might be able to “borrow.” When you have horrible blisters, it’s all you can think about.


SO — I always have moleskin AND bandages specifically formulated for blisters packed in my park bag now for just these circumstances. It is my dream to someday put someone out of their blister-induced misery by giving them moleskin or a bandage the way that kind Coronado Springs Resort cast member saved my life.

If you don’t happen upon me in the parks with my free moleskin, though, you can always go to any first-aid location — they are clearly marked in all the parks — and get bandaids for free from the cast members there!

Baby Care Center and First Aid signage

When it comes to sunburn, while it doesn’t keep you from getting out there in the parks in the same way, it can take you down for the count with exhaustion, chills, headache, and just generally feeling horrible. And if you get severely sunburned, it can be a significant health risk.

If you’ve forgotten your sunscreen and are already in the parks, you can buy some at most gift shops (it’ll be PRICEY, but it’s there). We’ve also got a good primer here for which sunscreens are the best ones!

Wanna get the best sunscreen for your Disney World trip? We’ve got some great suggestions here!

Sunscreen in Disney Springs

If your sunburn is making you feel lightheaded or sick, head over to first-aid in the parks as well. They are used to helping guests rehydrate, and just take a breather in the A/C until they’re ready to face the World again!

Now I’m sure you won’t make these same mistakes I always seem to, but if you do — know that you’re NOT ALONE! We all do it…whether we want to admit it or not! Let me know in the comments what your Disney World horror stories have been!

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