What’s New in Disney’s Animal Kingdom: A Serious Condiment Situation

Okay, admit it, do you start singing “Circle of Life” the minute you see the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? It’s totally okay, because SAME.

Animal Kingdom

There’s just something special about this park where we can explore the time of the dinosaurs, but also see real animals on a safari. We can even be entertained by the amazing Festival of the Lion King show and more! But what’s been going on with Animal Kingdom recently? Well, let’s find out?

Animal Kingdom Food Updates

Mr. Kamal’s

There’s been a sauce switcheroo at Mr. Kamal’s. The Seasoned French Fries used to be served with two sauces, Curried Honey Mustard and Korean Chili Ketchup. But now, you can only get Sriracha Mayonnaise.

Seasoned Fries with Sriracha Mayo

A Cast Member told us this change was for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month but they did not believe the old sauces would be returning at all. 

Learn more about this sauce emergency

Animal Kingdom Merchandise Updates

Riverside Depot

So those cute Munchlings plushes are now ACTUAL chocolate bars. Say what?! We found a Chillin Like A Villain Wintermint Gelato Bar

Wintermint Gelato? Yum!

…a Chip ‘n’ Dale Double Trouble Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle Bar

For you dark chocolate fans

…and Roll With It Honey Bear Honey Cake Bar. Each bar is $5.49.

A Pooh Honey chocolate bar!

New pin alert! There’s a National Pizza Party Day Lilo and Stitch Pin for $17.99.

We’re all for Pizza Party Day

We also found a Disney Arcade Dumbo Pin for $19.99.

Dumbo Arcade Pin

Plus Star Wars fans will want this Grand Moff Tarkin Pin for $17.99.

Grand Moff Tarkin

We even found some new Avatar: The Way of Water merchandise, including a Straw Bag for $39.99

This would be a great beach bag

…and a Water Connects All Things Straw Hat.

This would be a great beach hat

The hat is $34.99.

Here’s More About The NEW ‘Avatar’ Experience Disney is Building

Discovery Trading Company

A lot of new Disney100 merchandise has arrived, including a Disney100 Nemo Succulent for $24.99

Nemo as a plant

…a Disney100 Spider-Man Pencil Holder for $19.99

Let Spidey hold your pencils

…a Disney100 Chewbacca Trinket Box for $29.99

Chewbacca trinket box

…a National Geographic 100 Disney Adventures of a Lifetime Book for $100

Limited edition book

…and a Disney100 Dumbo Oil Diffuser.

An oil diffuser!

The oil diffuser is $19.99.

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There’s a new Banshee Plush available.


The plush is $22.99.

This Popular Animal Kingdom Attraction Will CLOSE for a LONG TIME in Disney World

That’s all that’s going on in Animal Kingdom right now, but we’ll be back soon with even more updates, so stay tuned to DFB for more!

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What’s your favorite thing to do in Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments!

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