Trust Us. You Should LEAVE the Parks To Try 3 NEW Disney World Treats

Ah, spring. The flowers are in full bloom and there are some sweet smells wafting down Main Street, U.S.A. from the Main Street Bakery. Talk about a PERFECT day in Disney World! Speaking of a lovely day in the Disney parks, now’s the time to treat all the mothers in your life to a little Disney magic — May is the month to celebrate Mother’s Day in Disney World. 

Mother’s Day + Flowers = A CLASSIC Combination

In the Disney parks, those clever Disney bakers whipped up some sweet new and returning treats this month to celebrate Mother’s Day! We visited several Disney World restaurants to give a few of these desserts a try; let’s see what we thought.

Beaches and Cream Soda Shop

You may know the Beaches & Cream Soda Shop as one of the hottest ice cream shops in Disney World — snagging a reservation at this spot can be tricky! But luckily, there’s also a to-go window where guests can order some of those famous sweet treats without a dining reservation. Just in time for Mother’s Day, we ordered the Bouquet Shake for $15. Note that this isn’t a totally new creation; we’ve seen variations of this milkshake here before!

Bouquet Shake

Before we dig in, can we just say…WOW. Like the other famous milkshakes at this location, this is a MONSTER shake! It’s a strawberry milkshake with strawberry purée topped with a flowery chocolate cake. Yeah, an ENTIRE piece of cake. As the topping. Now, let’s talk about the taste. As usual, the strawberry milkshake was delicious (the milkshakes here are famous for a reason, after all!). It was super creamy and blended with real chunks of tart, ripe strawberries.

This could take a while to finish…

Interestingly, we noticed some chocolate sauce squirted inside the cup, which was a (welcome) surprise that wasn’t pictured in any of the treat photos. The chocolate sauce wasn’t necessary, per se, but the Beaches & Cream milkshakes are sort of known for being, well, extra. 

This thing is HUGE!

Now, we also have to mention that MEGA cake topping. The cake was nice and moist and had a rich chocolate flavor. Additionally, the chocolate icing tasted like chocolate ganache with a super creamy chocolate flavor. Of course, you have to like chocolate to like this cake, but we thought it was quite good; especially considering that this is just the topping!

Keep in mind that those beautiful flowers are made with a different type of frosting — the kind that is super-dyed and overly sugary. Be careful not to get it on your clothing! And while we’re on the subject, Beaches & Cream did not provide any plates, forks, or knives for our cake, so you might want to hit up the Beach Club Marketplace FIRST to get some utensils before you’re stuck carrying an unwieldy treat through a fancy hotel. 

It comes with an ENTIRE slice of cake!

Listen, this is an expensive milkshake, but if you want to try a fun, novelty treat and enjoy strawberry milkshakes, we say go for it! In fact, of the three treats we tried, this is the one that we’d recommend as the most exciting and unique. All three were tasty, but this one REALLY stands out! If you don’t like super sweet treats, though,  you probably know to avoid this one.  Keep in mind that this milkshake is available through May 31st.

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BoardWalk Deli

Across the way, the BoardWalk Deli has a new treat of its own! Introducing: the Minnie Croissant Roll. You can find this one at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn for $6.99.

This is almost too pretty to eat!

For this delightful dessert, the BoardWalt Deli took some croissant dough and injected it with raspberry marmalade. If you think it sounds good, it tasted even BETTER than we expected.

The dough was perfectly buttery and flaky, with a slightly crunchy exterior and soft buttery inside — this is the stuff croissant dreams are made of! The raspberry marmalade was fresh and sweet but a little tangy, and it balanced the buttery flavor of the croissant nicely. 

It’s topped with a Minnie bow!

There was a teeeny amount of whipped cream on this croissant, but that little bit of whipped cream added a nice contrast to the tart flavor of the raspberry marmalade. We loved this treat. 


Note that the raspberry flavor is very heavy here, so if you don’t like raspberries, you might not like this one. Our only (very small) complaint was that the raspberry was not evenly injected throughout the croissant, but there was enough to work with for us to disperse it around ourselves. Seriously, unless you absolutely hate croissants and fruits, we HIGHLY recommend the Minnie Croissant Roll. Guests have until May 14th to try this treat.

Pineapple Lanai

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort got in on the Mother’s Day celebration, too! Pineapple Lanai has a new Mother’s Day Flowers DOLE Whip Float available for $13.50. This colorful treat consists of DOLE Whip with Banfi Rosa Regale sparkling red topped with shimmering edible flowers. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a boozy treat!

It’s so pretty

The presentation of this snack is SO pretty — it’s just like giving your mom flowers on Mother’s Day, but way BETTER than flowers because it’s Dole Whip. It does taste like a regular pineapple Dole Whip, but what we really thought was cool is that the flowers are also edible. Our reporter had never eaten flowers before and compared the taste to lettuce, so that’s different.

Instead of a bouquet, give Mom a Dole Whip!

This is also an upgrade to a regular Dole Whip thanks to the sparkling wine in it, but it really only gives it a hint of an alcoholic taste. So if you don’t like the taste of alcohol, you won’t need to shy away from this treat. There’s also plenty at the bottom of the snack, so when you’re done eating, you can just drink up!

Keep in mind that this dessert is available from May 11th through May 14th.

Clearly, Mother’s Day is the time for SWEET treats and fruity flavors! If you’re planning a trip to the Disney parks this May, come give these desserts a try. In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more!

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