NEWS: U.S. Congressman Seeks To REVOKE Disney World’s No-Fly Zone

Disney has been embroiled in a political battle with Florida legislators for quite a while now.

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Disney filed a lawsuit against DeSantis and the new board of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (previously known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District), and later, members announced that the board would be suing Disney. The new board has taken action to increase its control over Disney, and now it looks like another legislator has taken a swing.

Did you know Disney parks are no-fly zones? No-fly zones are typically placed over high security or hazardous areas, which means that normal aircraft cannot fly over the area for any reason. This is why you won’t see Disney parks outside of the window when you fly into Orlando or Los Angeles. But now, it appears this status could change.

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Congressman Troy Nehls, a Republican who serves Texas’ 22nd District, has recently reintroduced the Airlines Independent of Restrictions (AIR) Act, which would take away Disney’s no-fly zone.

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Notice we said, “reintroduce.” Yes, Nehls last introduced the bill in 2022 that sought to do the same thing, and it did not pass. In the original press release from 2022, Nehls said that the letters “call[] out blatant favoritism towards The Walt Disney Company” and urge those in charge to “reconsider the appropriateness of Disney’s designated ‘no fly-zone’ over their resorts.”

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Per Nehls’ website, he believes that “Disney is the only theme park in the United States that benefits from the restriction for the commercial gains of eliminating banner ads and disruptive aircraft from their parks. Most flight-restricted areas in the United States are over places of high security or hazardous regions.”

He continued, saying that “Theme parks like Disney should not receive special treatment just because they are well-connected. Our national security should not be compromised to fit the needs of one corporation.”

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Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican congresswoman from Colorado, is one of the original co-sponsors of the bill. She stated, “Woke corporations shouldn’t get any favors from the government,” and that “The FAA has no business granting a no-fly-zone over Disney parks. Universal Studios, Hershey Park, Six Flags, and other theme parks don’t have no-fly-zones over them, and it’s time for Disney to get the same treatment. No corporation should get preferential treatment from the government—especially when it is grooming children. Go woke, go broke.”

Disney parks are no-fly zones

If the bill passes, it would “direct the Secretary of Transportation to rescind the two ‘no-fly zone’ Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM’s) over Disneyland and Disney [W]orld.” Keep in mind, though, that in order for this bill to become law, it will need to pass both the House and the Senate and be signed by the president.

We’ll have to wait and see if it passes, or if the majority votes against it again. Be sure to stay tuned to DFB — we’ll have all the updates for you!

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