Bob Iger Comments on How Disney Could Use Artificial Intelligence

Disney recently held its first quarter 2023 earnings call, which means we’ve had a LOT of news to report.


We learned about the current number of Disney+ subscribers and how the parks are doing financially. We even learned more about the company’s future plans for Disney+ (including a price increase). However, Disney CEO Bob Iger also commented on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is a pretty hot-button topic right now in entertainment.

There’s been a lot of talk about AI in the creative industry, with many concerns coming from creators. Part of the conflict for the Writers Guild of America and one of the reasons the union is on strike had to do with the future of AI in the movie and television writing workplace. Now, Iger has commented on how Disney might use AI in the future.


When asked about the future use of AI, Iger initially joked that he was “looking forward to a time where maybe AI does earnings calls for me.” However, he became serious and talked about how AI might present opportunities to make some processes more efficient, but that it also comes with some huge challenges, especially when it comes to protecting intellectual property. 

Cinderella Castle

There are already several programs available to have AI make its own works of “art,” and according to Reuters, programs like ChatGPT for AI-written books on Amazon. Hollywood screenwriters are concerned about how studios might use AI in the future, and part of the reason for the current WGA strike is that writers want limits on how AI is used in the industry.

Could more AI and automation be on the way at Disney?

It’s a conversation that we’ll continue to see moving forward, and now we have an idea of how Disney sees the potential uses and challenges of AI technology. Stay tuned to DFB for more news!

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