Important Rules About Your Refillable Mug in Disney World

When many think of Disney World, they imagine riding all their favorite rides, strolling down Main Street, USA, and eating all the iconic sugary Disney sweets their heart desires. For others though, imagining Disney World is the same as imagining strolling through an endless sauna where the only source of water comes from a teenager in a striped costume holding out their hand to take your $6.


Let’s face it. Staying cool and hydrated at Disney World can be difficult. However, there are a few solutions, and one of our favorite ones makes a great souvenir. That’s right, today we’re talking refillable mugs.

You can grab these babies at any of the Disney World resorts OR strangely enough, the water parks. This post will highlight the ins and outs of using the refillable mugs so that you can decide ahead of time whether this Disney purchase is your dehydration and overheating cure-all.

So… What IS a refillable mug?

Well, other than it being exactly what it sounds like, there are some cool things worth mentioning. First, they’re super cute collectable items. These 16-ounce mugs are insulated and themed seasonally. The current mugs available are themed to the 100th Anniversary Celebration.

100th anniversary refillable mug

These mugs are available through the Rapid Fill program at Disney World resorts for $21.99 for the length of your resort stay — up to 14 days.

Previously, visitors could purchase their mug for prorated costs based on their length of stay (i.e. $8.99 for 1 Day, $11.99 for 2 Days, $14.99 for 3 Days, $17.99 for Length of Stay up to 14 days), but now it’s just the one flat cost.

Refillable mugs

So, what’s cool about these? Well, they’re enhanced by an RFID bar code which deactivates the mug once your stay is complete. Throughout your stay, place your cup under the stand below the drink dispenser at Disney World resorts, and some sort of RFID magic will read the bar code inside your mug and then begin filling it. Cool, huh? You can choose from the soft drink, coffee, and tea options.

Rapid Fill info

Of course, there are several limiting factors to this process. There are a few rules that Disney has set in place so that visitors aren’t going around getting free drinks willy nilly at Disney World. Here are five important things to know before you purchase a Rapid Fill refillable mug.

1. They’re Good For 14 Days and 14 Days Only

The barcode inside the mug WILL deactivate after the 14th day of your stay, making it to where the beverage machine simply will not fill your mug.

Rapid Fill Refilling Station

Further, you can’t reactivate the same mug. You’ll probably have to purchase a new one. We’ve gotten varying answers from cast members about whether you can buy a new RFID chip or the whole mug, so know you might need to get a new one.

You Can’t Refill Them In The Parks

While you can take these cups to the parks and refill them yourself with water, you can’t refill them in the parks with soft drinks. We recommend filling up right before you head out for the day!

Rapid Refill Station

However, you CAN refill them at any of the resorts and not just the one at which you’re staying.

3. You Can’t Fill Them With Milk, Juice, or Alcohol

We know, we know. A refillable 16-ounce margarita cup would be very nice, but hey — this is Walt Disney’s dream and not ours. Although your choices of beverage are pretty impressive, you can’t fill your mugs with milk, fruit juice, or alcohol.

Sorry to all the milk and margarita lovers!

While most of the beverage machines include drinks such as Powerade and HiC, which WILL work with your mug, 100% juice like apple juice or orange juice won’t dispense.

4. You Have To Wait Between Each Refill

There have been several times that we’ve paused our filling to allow the foam from our soft drinks to settle and not bubble over. Wrong move!


Once you remove your mug, you have to wait two minutes before you can start filling up again. Try to fill it with one “stream” if you can. If your plan is to fill your mug repeatedly and pour into a larger vessel (because you need a VAT of coffee to get going in the morning), that’s going to take a long time and may be altogether impractical.

You Can Continue To Use It In The Parks After Your 14-Day Period Is Up

We love to take these into the parks as water cups once we can no longer use them at the resorts. The handle makes them super easy to attach to our bags, and they actually do a decent job of keeping our drinks cold.

Refillable mugs

Just ask the Cast Members for free water cups that you can then pour inside!

What do you think? Will you be purchasing a refillable mug on your next trip? Here at DFB, we try to share with you all the best tips to make your Disney World trip easier. Follow along for more, and click the link below to check out more refillable options at Disney World.

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