There Is a SAUCE EMERGENCY in Disney World

We are here to bring you some BIG NEWS that’s actually really sad.

Animal Kingdom

If you have been following Disney Food Blog for a while, you know that we love sauce. We even recently did a deep dive into Disney World sauce options. We have tried many of the sauce options in the parks so we know a thing or two about a good sauce. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we grew fond of the sauces at Mr. Kamal’s that came with the seasoned fries. But now things have CHANGED at this popular snack spot.

Mr. Kamal’s is a snack stand in Animal Kingdom, located between the Asia and Africa sections of the park.

Mr. Kamal’s

One of our favorite snacks here is the Seasoned French Fries, which are served with Curried Honey Mustard and Korean Chili Ketchup…or at least that USED to be the case.

Seasoned Fries | 2022

Today, we noticed that the two beloved sauces have disappeared from the menu. This is a pretty recent change, although it is not abnormal that these sauce options shift around. In 2020, we saw the sauces change from four options down to the two previously mentioned.

But don’t worry — there is still sauce: but there’s only ONE now instead of two. The fries are now served with Sriracha Mayonnaise. We talked with a Cast Member who said this change was for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month but they did not believe the old sauces would be returning at all. So far, the change has not been updated on the My Disney Experience app, but it is reflected on the physical restaurant menu.

The menu

You know we had to try the new sauce. This mayonnaise-based sauce comes with an order of fries for $5.99.

We thought the sauce had a nice creamy texture that balanced with the fry seasoning. The sauce was tangy and slightly sweet. It is pretty spicy, but it’s the kind of spice that slowly builds up, so you may not initially taste how hot it is.

Sriracha Mayo

We found it to be pretty zesty with a garlic taste which works well with the mayo base. We like the sauce and feel like it is a good replacement option for the Korean Chili Ketchup. If you like Sriracha and spicy sauces, this might need to be added to your Disney sauce list. If spice isn’t your thing, we recommend skipping these and trying the Chicken Dumplings at this spot instead.

Look at that dunk

The big bummer is the lack of sauce options at this location now — Mr. Kamal’s went from four sauces to two and now there’s only one. We believe the more, the merrier when it comes to sauce. We hope to see more add back to this dish someday. For more Disney parks news, be sure to follow us at Disney Food Blog.

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