REVIEW: We Spent Less Than $8 On a FILLING Meal in Disney World

Counter-service pizza in Disney World is notoriously subpar (looking at you, puffy pizza!), and believe us, we’ve tried a LOT of pizza in Disney World.

Terra Treats in Animal Kingdom

However, sometimes we do find some quick-service pizza that surprises us. For example, the Pizza Window in EPCOT typically serves some quality pies, and the pizza at Connections Cafe was surprisingly tasty! Over in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we usually don’t rave about the food at Pizzafari. But now, we found some GOOD pizza somewhere else in the park, and we’re going to tell you ALL about it!

Terra Treats has recently started offering slices of pizza at its outdoor kiosk. The pizza isn’t always great, but we’ve had some good slices here, like the Roasted Mushroom and Leek Pizza and the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. So when we saw a NEW slice was available, we had to try it. It’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza. 

We’re intrigued

What you get for $7.29 is a slice of pizza with barbecue sauce, red onions, chicken, and cheese. Here’s the thing — this pizza surprised us. We’ve had pizza here that was really puffy, generic, and just plain bland. But this slice had a thick pan-style crust with a nice crispy edge.

A hefty slice

It was also VERY loaded up on toppings (and that poor crust struggled to hold up under all of those ingredients). All those toppings gave this pizza a TON of nice flavor. You get plenty of pieces of chicken with a nice crispy, barbecued char. The sauce is sweet and added to the flavor, as did the red onions.

Just look at all those toppings!

Now is this slice worth $7.29? Well, in terms of Disney pricing and for the hefty slice you get, we think it is. This could be a nice lunch for under $8 if you’re looking for something quick, easy, and relatively (in Disney World) cheap. Plus, it was a pretty filling meal; we need the carbs when we’re planning a busy day in the parks!

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Here Are The Best Pizza Places in Disney World

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What’s your favorite pizza in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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