How Fast is Slinky Dog Dash?

There are a lot of different rides in Disney World. Some are nice and slow. Others will jostle you around a bit but aren’t too intense. Some will give you a bit of that thrill factor. And others will truly have you screaming!

Tower of Terror

Not all rides are created equal. Some are great for little ones to test their bravery on as introductory first coasters, while some offer sharper thrills that even grown adults may shy away from.

If you’re bringing some young ones or perhaps some thrill-averse folks to Disney World, you may want to know a little more about the coasters than the descriptions you’ll find on the Disney World website or the My Disney Experience App.

Slinky Dog Dash

Toy Story Land is one of the newest and most popular areas in Disney World and for good reason! It has a super fun immersive theme that appeals to Pixar fans of all ages, but is particularly appealing to little ones who may not have many opportunities to experience some of the other more intense attractions at Hollywood Studios.

Let’s head on over to Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land isn’t just the home to one of Disney World’s newest restaurants, RoundUp Rodeo BBQ; it’s also the home to Slinky Dog Dash, one of the most popular attractions at Hollywood Studios. This attraction is SO popular, the standby line is often over an hour, and Lightning Lanes purchased through Disney’s Genie+ service often sell out before noon!

Slinky Dog Dash Standby

Before you get your family up at the crack of dawn on vacation to rope drop Hollywood Studios to try to beat the crowds to Slinky Dog Dash, before you wait in line over an hour in the steamy Orlando heat, and before you pry open your digital wallet to pay for a Genie+ Lightning Lane, let’s take a look at the Slinky Dog Dash experience to see if all of that is what you’re looking for and what your family can handle.


Slinky Dog Dash has a minimum height requirement of 38 inches. It reaches speeds of up to 40 mph during the ride, which certainly means it’s one of the more thrilling family-friendly attractions at the resort. You’ll find that it’s a very smooth coaster, but it is certainly a step up from some of the tamer options at the Magic Kingdom, like Dumbo, or the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover.

Are you ready to GO?

Considering you probably drive over 40 miles per hour just going to your local Target or grocery store, it may not seem that thrilling. And that’s probably for a reason. Disney designed this attraction to be fun and exciting for as many Disney guests as possible. So, if you want to see if this attraction might be too fast or too thrilling for your family, next time you visit Target, do it in a convertible with the top down, and you’ll get a pretty good idea! 😂

We’ll never get tired of Slinky Dog Dash!

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