Come With Us to Try Downtown Disney’s Newest Restaurant!

Okay, there’s nothing that gets us more excited than NEW DISNEY FOOD. That is…after all, our first AND middle name: Disney and Food.

Clyde’s Hot Chicken

So we’re super excited about all the new Guardians of the Galaxy snacks coming to Disney Parks, as well as all the new Star Wars treats. However, what we’re REALLY stoked about is Clyde’s Hot Chicken, which just opened in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney. So join us as we head on over there to try some spicy chicken!

Clyde’s Hot Chicken is a cart in Downtown Disney that serves chicken strips (called “Clyde’s Hot Sticks”) with three different heat levels: Naked, Original, and Hot as Cali!

Three spice levels

You can also order up some sauces to dip your strips in.

The menu

We decided to grab a Clyde’s Original Hot Stick Combo, which is the medium heat level. The combo comes with a 5-piece chicken stick with chips and sliced pickles for $14. This version has “a mild spice blended cayenne based with a sweet and flavorful finish.”

Clyde’s Original Hot Stick Combo

We have to say that this is juicy and flavorful chicken. The spice in Clyde’s Original is a little more than mild, but it wasn’t TOO spicy (we bet the Cali Hot might’ve left our mouth on fire!). At first, we didn’t think the one skewer of chicken would be satisfying, but the strips on the skewer were bigger than we thought they’d be.

Not TOO spicy

We also got both sauces for $1 each. The Clyde’s Sauce is tangy and sweet with a nice little extra kick.

Clyde’s Sauce

The Ranch Sauce was also tangy and mild and we thought that was the sauce that went best with the chicken (plus it helps tone down the heat a bit).

Ranch Sauce

The good news here is that if you are averse to hot spices, you can still get the Naked version of the Naked Hot Stick, which doesn’t have any heat to it. It’s still really good chicken, plus we think kids would like eating their chicken strips on a stick.

So if you’re headed to Downtown Disney, you’ve got yet ANOTHER new dining option to try. We’ll also be keeping an eye out for some of the other new restaurants headed to the area, so stay tuned to DFB for more.

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Have you tried Clyde’s Hot Chicken before? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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