ACT FAST to Get This NEW Snack for Under $5 in Disney World

Okay, Guardians of the Galaxy fans. It’s time to strap on that walkman, dance to “Hooked on a Feeling,” and head to theaters to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3

But that’s not the ONLY way to celebrate Marvel’s band of space misfits. Some new snacks have made their way to Disney World to celebrate the release of the new movie, and one of those might just surprise you!

One of the new snacks can be found at Connections Cafe in EPCOT. It’s the Perfect Sovereign Waffle Bites. These are Mini Liege waffles with a red berry dipping sauce and edible gold dust. 

Perfect Sovereign Waffle Bites

When you order the waffle bites, you get them in a small box with a separate lidded container of dipping sauce. We like how transportable this snack is.

It’s portable

First, let’s talk about those waffles. The edible gold dust is made up of sugar crystals that top the waffles, which offer a nice sweet extra bit of crunch. But each waffle bite is nice and thick, as well as soft to bite into. The waffles taste more like a croissant than regular waffle battle, but that’s NOT a bad thing.

That edible glitter is SO good

The dipping sauce tastes like a mixture of berries (think a mixture of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and more).

Great berry sauce

Together, the two are a match made in snack heaven. We think this is a GREAT snack for kids because parents can pick them up without having to worry about what to do with leftover food and mess. You can just pack away any leftovers in the existing box for later.


We also think this is a great value snack because they only cost $4.19 — yes, this is a snack LESS than $5 at Disney World. It’s really hard to be critical of this treat — it’s light, easy to grab, and cheap, what’s not to like?!

Truly, if you like Liege waffles and berry sauces and you want a light snack, do NOT miss this.



But be aware — this is a limited-time snack, so they won’t be around forever.

Also, we just wanted to note that you can pick up a limited-time Guardians of the Galaxy Cookie at the Popcorn Cart near MISSION: Space too!

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