The BEST Options For Renting Strollers In Disney World

Are you looking forward to “Walkin’ Right Down the Middle of Main Street, U.S.A. on your Disney World vacation? Well, certain Disney World visitors — babies, toddlers, and little ones — might be more into the idea of strollin’ down Main Street…

Main Street. U.S.A in Magic Kingdom

That’s right! We’re talking about STROLLERS in Disney World… more specifically, we’re discussing the best options for renting strollers, including renting directly from Disney World and also local Orlando stroller rental companies. We’ll also share some pros and cons of each as well as some factors you may want to consider in your choice.

So, let’s STROLL… 

Disney World Stroller Rentals

Guests can rent strollers directly at the Disney World theme parks and Disney Springs.

Anyone need a stroller or twenty?

The strollers that Disney World rents out are recommended for children 38 inches tall and under and 50 pounds or less.

Price to Rent a Stroller at Disney World

To rent a single stroller, the price is $15 per day. Double strollers are available for $31 per day.

Disney World rental strollers

Length of Stay rentals are also an option (whereby you can pre-pay the number of days you plan on using a stroller). Simply show a Cast Member your receipt at the stroller rental location to receive your stroller for the day. For a single stroller for multiple days (or the length of their stay), the price goes down to $13 per day. Guests can purchase a Double Stroller for multiple days (or the length of their stay) for $27 per day.

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Where to Rent a Stroller at Disney World

It’s fairly easy to spot the Stroller Rental locations in the Disney World parks, as they are prominently located near each park’s entrance.

Oscar’s at Hollywood Studios

More specifically, Stroller Rentals can be found at Oscar’s Super Service in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (pictured above, directly to the right on Hollywood Boulevard upon entering the park), at Garden Gate Gifts in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (directly to the right upon entering the park), at either the Main Entrance OR at International Gateway at EPCOT, or directly to the right just before walking underneath the Train Station at Magic Kingdom.

Find Stroller Rentals right near the Disney Springs Bus Stop

At Disney Springs, Stroller Rental is available at Sundries, located just behind the Bus Station in the Town Center.

Stylin’ in Your Disney World Stroller

I don’t know who likes this the most… Mom, Dad, or the kiddos: in 2022, the Disney World strollers received a Mickey and Minnie makeover.


The red, black, and yellow color scheme is complete with a waving Mickey and Minnie on the sides! Beyond the whimsical look, here is a photo so you can get a real idea of the actual design of the strollers.

The single is on the left and the double is on the right

Features include a few pockets to tuck an item or two in the mesh, along with a much-needed cover for a bit of shade.

Backs of Strollers

Otherwise, they are fairly basic plastic strollers.

Pros and Cons of Disney World Stroller Rentals

Now, our first point can be a pro AND/OR a con… but either way, it’s something good to know: your Disney stroller CANNOT go everywhere that you go. If you plan on visiting multiple parks in one day (known as Park Hopping, in Disney speak!), you must return your stroller as you leave the first park, then pick up a new stroller at the next park.

Is park hopping your cardio?!

You won’t have to pay twice, though; just show a Cast Member your rental receipt at the next park for a new stroller.

As you may anticipate, this is a pro when relying on Disney Transportation throughout your vacation, as you won’t have to lug a stroller onto a crowded Disney bus, boat, Monorail, or Skyliner gondola… or through the Orlando International Airport, for that matter.

No need to try to get a stroller on a Skyliner gondola

This same pro can, of course, be a con, as the little ones will need to walk (or be carried) in and out the of parks or Disney Springs.

A solid pro, however, for renting a stroller in Disney World is that it’s simply a great option to have tucked in the back of your mind if you didn’t bring a stroller on your vacation because, say, your kiddo is a bit older with energy to burn. But what if they start to peter out a bit during a long or hot Disney park day? Disney World Stroller Rental to the rescue!

Stroller Rental Sign in Magic Kingdom

Another pro, as mentioned above, is that you can keep your receipt to get a stroller at another park.

Let’s chat about a couple more cons. These things are your only option…

Disney World Strollers

There are no strollers specifically for infants. Also, the hard plastic material can be uncomfortable for long periods.

One other thing we must note: though it’s rare, rental strollers can run out on busy park days. We have seen this more with ECV scooters, so it does not seem to be as large a concern when it comes to strollers. However…

EVCs out at EPCOT

we still want to stress that availability is limited, and rental strollers cannot be reserved in advance.

Other Stroller Rental Options

If you’re already seeing a few red flags for your traveling group among the cons mentioned for stroller rentals at Disney World, fret not! You can roll with a stroller rental from a third-party service.

Stroller Parking in EPCOT

A simple web search for “Orlando Stroller Rentals” will yield oodles of options including — but by NO means limited to — Orlando Stroller Rentals (naturally 😉 ), Buena Vista Rentals, Kingdom Strollers, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Third-Party Stroller Rental

A pro is that several Orlando-area stroller rental companies offer delivery to and pickup from your Disney World Resort hotel. Keep in mind, however, that you will likely need to meet a vendor representative for both delivery and pickup of the stroller. The exception to the rule is ScooterBug which, according to the Disney World website, is the Disney Featured Provider.

Front Desk at Art of Animation

This means that guests renting from ScooterBug do not need to be present when their rental (be it stroller, ECV, or wheelchair) is delivered.  ScooterBug can work directly with Disney World Cast Members for both delivery and pickup.

Rental from a third-party vendor will offer a greater choice of style and design than the basic Disney World stroller. Options may include, for instance, strollers for children taller than the 38 inches that the Disney World strollers accommodate, strollers for infants, or even jogging-style strollers.

Magic Kingdom stroller parking

Strollers as far as the eye can see…

Or maybe even strollers like THIS

Star Wars Stroller

With a greater style choice, you may also find a larger variety of options for various budgets. That said, the expense may be greater than the Disney World stroller, varying by design and rental company.

Third-party service strollers also offer the major pro that they can be used throughout your entire vacation, which includes use at your Resort hotel. This can be a lifesaver after a long park day, especially if your room is located far from the Resort’s bus stop.

All-Star Movies Bus Stop

And remember the HUGE pro we mentioned about renting directly from Disney World above — the scenario about pushing (or, in most cases, collapsing and carrying) a stroller onto a crowded Disney bus, boat, Monorail, or Skyliner gondola?

Skyliner Gondolas

Well, renting a stroller from outside of Disney World presents you with the flipside of that situation. You’ll obviously need to collapse and then carry your stroller onto any Disney Transportation.

The final con — whether renting through Disney World or through a third-party vendor — is that you’ll potentially need to manage the kiddos sans stroller at the airport.

Orlando International Airport

A few vendors, however, host a pickup and drop-off location at Orlando International Airport (MCO), such as Orlando Stroller Rentals.

We know… there’s a LOT to think about when it comes to bringing your little ones to Disney World. We hope that this post, or any of these linked below, help as you plan your Disney World vacation with the kiddos!

And remember, after all the logistics are sorted out, the Disney vacation magic can begin!

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