We Have a CONTROVERSIAL Take on the New Big Mac Sauce Option at McDonald’s

There’s a NEW menu item at McDonald’s…sort of. It’s actually a very classic and traditional menu item but also still very new. Confused? We can explain.

Let’s go to McDonald’s!

McDonald’s recently announced that Big Mac sauce will now be served in condiment containers, meaning you can get the sauce on the side and use it to dip your fries and nuggets in or just to add more sauce to your burger. We headed to the nearest McDonald’s to check out this new development, and we were especially excited to find out how this sauce would taste on McDonald’s food besides the classic Big Mac. Is this a McDonald’s GAME CHANGER? We were a little shocked by what we found!

We ordered the Big Mac Sauce on the McDonald’s app.


One container of the sauce costs $0.35 a la carte, or you can get it as the dipping sauce for your nuggets. (Note that most other sauce containers at McDonald’s — like BBQ sauce, Sweet n Sour sauce, and Ranch — are listed as free on the app.)


Each container is the same size as the normal sauce containers at McDonald’s.

Big Mac Sauce

The plastic is bright blue, and the lid is silver with blue writing.

Ready to try it?

We ordered our sauce with a Big Mac meal so that we could compare the sauce from the cup to the one on the actual sandwich (and so that we’d have fries to dip in the sauce, of course).

Big Mac Meal

Let’s dig in! On first inspection, the sauce looks to be the exact same as the one on the burger.

Inside the packet

We compared the two and found that the one in the container is maybe a little tangier than the one on the burger (probably just because the one on the burger is combined with other flavors), but overall they’re pretty much identical.


Now for the real test — how is this sauce on FRIES? Could this forever change how we eat those delicious McDonald’s fries?

Time to try it!

You might be surprised to hear that we were NOT impressed by the fries-Big Mac sauce combo.

Dipping our fries

The sauce is pretty mild, and although it has an interesting, pickle-y taste, it just doesn’t add a whole lot of flavor to the French fry experience. We know — we were disappointed, too.


We found ourselves wishing we had some more interesting sauce, like maybe the signature sauce over at Raising Canes (which is another mayo-based sauce that just has more flavor to it). BUT does this mean that the Big Mac sauce is useless? Not exactly.

Big Mac Sauce

It came in handy when we opened up our Big Mac and saw that the sauce on the burger was unevenly distributed and there just wasn’t much there at all.

Not much sauce there

Never fear — we had plenty on the side to add to the burger!

Loaded it on!

We think that the extra sauce will definitely come in handy not only for Big Macs but for any McDonald’s burger. You could even use it to plus up a different burger here. For example, the Big Mac costs $5.39 (for just the sandwich)…


…but there are lots of cheaper options for other burgers, like the cheeseburger for $2.19 or even the double cheeseburger for $2.99.


Grab one of those and some Big Mac sauce for a discount version of the iconic burger! Of course, it won’t be quite the same, but you could save a couple bucks and still get the familiar sauce.

Overall, the sauce was not our favorite for French Fry dipping, but we thought it was great for taking our Big Mac experience to the next level. We haven’t tried the sauce with nuggets yet, so that combination may work better than the fries did!

Big Mac

If you’re interested in trying out this sauce while you’re at Disney World, remember that there’s a McDonald’s location on Disney World property! It’s located close to Disney’s All Star Resorts.

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Have you tried Big Mac sauce with nuggets or fries at McDonald’s? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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