VIDEO: Important Change Made to Magic Kingdom Parade Following Fantasmic Fire

Something has CHANGED at the Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kindom, and you’ll want to know about it.

Magic Kingdom

Over the weekend, a Disney animatronic ended up in flames…literally when the Maleficent dragon used in Disneyland’s version of Fantasmic! caught on fire. Following this, fire effects similar to the one used at Disneyland were suspended, and now we’ve seen first-hand how this will impact YOUR Disney World trip.

If you’re a big fan of the Festival of Fantasy parade in Magic Kingdom or have seen those amazing videos of the Maleficent dragon float shooting out fire in the parade, you might be particularly looking forward to seeing this parade on your next trip. But, be WARNED.

Due to the fire over at Disneyland, there has been a temporary suspension of the fire effects on the Maleficent float in the Festival of Fantasy parade. We visited Magic Kingdom recently to see what it is like.

There It Is

While the Maleficent dragon float still appeared and made its way through Magic Kingdom as part of the parade, it did NOT breathe out any fire.

No Fire Today

The dragon’s head went up and down, but no flames appeared.



So if you’re going to watch the parade soon, know that this fire effect may NOT be operational during your visit. Disney has not shared how long this change will be in place, so we may not see fire from Maleficent for a little while during this parade.

A Closer Look

But there is some good news, it appears Disney World’s Fantasmic! show uses different technical effects, so that show will not change.

Won’t Impact Fantasmic

This isn’t the first time Maleficient’s fire-breathing effects have caused some trouble though. Back in 2018, the Maleficent dragon float in the Festival of Fantasy parade caught fire during the performance.

The dragon did return with the Festival of Fantasy in 2022 with the fire-breathing effect, but for now, things will be a little less hot in Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom

We’ll be on the lookout for more updates about this situation. To learn more about entertainment changes in Disney World, see when Fantasmic! will temporarily CLOSE in Disney World, and learn all about the Maleficient fire in Disneyland here.

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