Something Has CHANGED at The BOATHOUSE in Disney Springs

Get ready — something has CHANGED at a fan-favorite Disney Springs restaurant.

Disney Springs

We’ve already shared the news about some Mother’s Day festivities coming to Disney Springs, as well as menu changes that have hit this area (and other spots in Disney World). But now we’ve got something NEW to share.

The BOATHOUSE has shared some images via Instagram of the view from what they’re calling their “brand new patio,” which will be available for all guests to enjoy soon.

We’ve actually seen things here under construction for a little while.

Boathouse Construction Mid-April 2023

Here’s what things generally looked like before, with what was a mostly uncovered patio on the backside of the restaurant (past that Amphicar Launch sign).

Boathouse April 2021

And here’s how things looked as of a few days ago (when we last visited Disney Springs).

What Things Look Like Now

You can see that the overhang above that patio has been extended out further, giving guests much more shade and cover from the elements.


We have a feeling that’ll be a great benefit for those seeking to enjoy some fresh air, snacks, and drinks at the BOATHOUSE without totally getting burnt in the sun or getting drenched in the rain (depending, of course, on what angle that rain is coming in at!).

Another Look

The BOATHOUSE hasn’t shared a specific opening date for this revamped patio, only that it’ll be available “soon,” so we’ll continue to look for updates and share that news with you.


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