Could a NEW Snack Spot FINALLY Open Soon in EPCOT?

A NEW counter-service snack spot might open in EPCOT soon!

Spaceship Earth in EPCOT

Over in the World Discovery section of EPCOT, there’s a little snack spot that’s gone through a LOT of changes over the past several years. Cool Wash used to serve snacks and treats, but most recently it had a create-your-own slushy menu. It’s only open seasonally, so it’s not a super reliable place to plan to get a snack. Recently, we’ve noticed some big changes happening at this kiosk, and it makes us think this spot could open soon with a NEW look and menu!

For a long time now, Cool Wash has been covered up with lots of topiaries (one of Disney’s favorite ways to block off rides and attractions as they go through refurbishments).

Cool Wash | September 2022

Back in October 2022, we noticed that the “Cool Wash” sign DISAPPEARED from the kiosk and was replaced a sign that said “Refreshment Station.” The new sign was in the style of other new additions to EPCOT (it has the same font and everything) and had images of a drink and slushy.

Refreshment Station | October 2022

In late 2022, however, the “Refreshment Station” sign was removed as well, and the stand stood sign-less for several weeks.

No more sign | December 2022

The same “Refreshment Station” sign finally returned a couple of months ago. It looks the same as it did the first time it was installed. The rest of the kiosk looks a bit brighter and newer now, so it’s likely that the sign was removed as improvements and updates were made to the area and then returned once that construction was finished.

Refreshment Kiosk — the sign is back! | March 2023

Over the last few weeks, we’ve watched from the Monorail as Disney added new furniture to the kiosk.

New furniture! | April 2023

It looks like tables and benches have been added inside. These are an upgrade from the previous standing-room-only tables that were in this area before the spot closed.

Our view today | April 2023

There are still some coverings on the furniture right now, but could this update mean that Refreshment Station will open soon? We’re hoping it does! Right now, Disney’s website has updated the page with the kiosk’s new name, but it still says “Temporarily Unavailable” with no opening date listed.


The menu on this page still lists the old menu from Cool Wash, so it’s possible that there will be a NEW menu once Refreshment Station finally opens.


We’ll be keeping an eye on this spot, and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear any updates about its opening! It’s possible that this kiosk will open as a booth for the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival, which begins on July 27th, 2023, but Disney has not confirmed this.

Will it open soon?

This is just one of the many construction projects happening in EPCOT right now as the park goes through a major transformation, which includes a new attraction, Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana, opening later this fall. Stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney updates.

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