The Disney World Mistake You’ll Make In May

May is just a little over two weeks away, which means that summer vacation season is upon us. Get excited, folks! We’re almost there!

EPCOT at Disney World

Many of you are prepping for those highly-anticipated Disney World vacations, and we’re here to help you prepare! Whether this is your first Disney World vacation in years, or your 20th recent Disney World vacation, we’ve got all the tips, tricks, and forewarnings if you’re headed to Disney World in May.

This post will highlight five mistakes that could be easy to make at Disney World in May, as well as simple solutions and easy ways to avoid these situations at all costs. Trust us, we’ve made these mistakes before — and they totally could’ve been avoided! So, without further ado, here are the top five mistakes you could make at Disney World next month and our best advice when it comes to avoiding them.

Disney World

Mistake #1 — Underestimating the Weather

To put it simply, May is a WEIRD month when it comes to weather at Disney World. It’s the end of spring and right on the brink of summer, and Central Florida just can’t make up its mind. If you’re visiting Disney World in May, it’s very likely that you will go through three different seasons in one day. In order to avoid discomfort, it’s necessary that you plan ahead and pack ALL that you might need to conquer each of the seasons Florida will throw at you.

Rainy Day at EPCOT

Be Sure to … Pack Layers

In the mornings, it can be pretty chilly. By noon, though, it’s SCORCHING and the Florida sun offers no mercy. Then, just when you think you might actually melt, a rain shower will come out of NOWHERE and soak you to your bones. Then, just when you think you might actually melt again, the sun will come out and create humidity like you’ve never experienced before. That humidity will linger until the sun disappears, and then you’ll be back to shivering the same way you were when you left your hotel room that morning.

Packing layers is a must!

The only way to ensure that you are comfortable all day long is to pack layers and to ensure that you’re wearing outfits that are easily to layer with the ponchos, sweatshirts, or jackets that you pack. Oh, and we totally don’t recommend denim. We wouldn’t wish walking around a hot theme park in rain-soaked denim on our worst enemy.

Be Sure to … Pack Rain Gear

May begins the season at Disney World that consists of random daily rain showers even if the forecast looks totally clear. The good news is, the rain showers don’t last for very long. If you’re unprepared, though, you’ll be feeling the effects of the rain shower until you return to your hotel room at night.

Don’t forget your rain gear!

Pack a poncho, an umbrella, breathable and quick-drying clothing, and waterproof shoes. We’ve got some rain gear ideas right here. 

Be Sure to … Pack Sun Care and Electrolytes

Despite the rain and the chilly mornings and evenings, the UV index will likely be over 8 for most of the day. That means sun care and proper hydration is a MUST. Bring a water bottle, pack electrolyte replenishers if you struggle to drink water frequently, and pack sunglasses and sunscreen. Trust us, taking care of yourself first is a necessity if you want to truly enjoy Disney World!

Sunscreen for sale in EPCOT

Mistake #2 — Underestimating the Crowds

Many Disney World visitors don’t consider May to be “summer vacation season” just because tons of schools across the nation are still in session. While that may be true, some schools release as early as the first week of May. If you’re anticipating lower crowds in May because it’s the sort of “off season” between spring and summer break, you might be in for a disappointment.

People, people, and more people.

May Disney crowds — especially as we approach Memorial Day — are NO JOKE. The parks will be crowded, lines will be long, and the shops and restaurants will be jam packed. Don’t count on last-minute reservations, and definitely budget enough money for Individual Lightning Lanes and Genie+ if you don’t want to wait in super long lines.

Not Packing a Portable Charger

Because of the high crowds (and the way Disney operates nowadays), you’re unfortunately going to spend a lot of your day on your phone. Checking wait times, ordering food, booking Lightning Lanes and Genie+, and downloading ride photos can drain your battery fast.

Portable charging kit

Packing a portable charger is a necessity. They typically have several that you can purchase in the parks, but we recommend packing one beforehand just in case.

Not Booking Your DHS Park Passes Early for May the 4th

May the 4th is a big day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Visitors head into the park to celebrate the Star Wars franchise in Galaxy’s Edge. Park Pass Reservations for Annual Passholders have already sold out, so we can probably expect Park Pass Reservations for other visitors to sell out eventually as well.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Since guests could head to Disney World for this date specifically, hotel rooms may fill up, as well.

Not Planning For Big Restaurant Changes

Hoping to snag a last-minute reservation to your favorite restaurant only to realize it’s closed can be the worst feeling! Similarly, not realizing one of your favorite restaurants is back open when you could have scored a reservation is pretty disappointing, too. Being aware of restaurant changes is key!

Trails End Restaurant at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground has closed for refurbishment. It will open later this year as a brand new space!

Trail’s End Restaurant

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT will start serving breakfast and lunch again on May 14th. This is considered a must-experience character breakfast for many, as you can meet a lot of the beloved Disney Princesses.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Not Preparing for Fireworks Changes

Many guests are thrilled at the return of Happily Ever After, a beloved Magic Kingdom fireworks show. This show returned at the beginning of April with brand new features, but the changes aren’t quite over yet.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After has been shown each night at 9PM, but starting May 14th, the show will begin at 9:20PM each night. This allows you just a little extra time to make it to your preferred fireworks viewing location!

Happily Ever After

Whew! There you have it! Now that you’re in the loop, you can see that these mistakes really are super easy to avoid. We hope that this post has you feeling just a little extra prepared when it comes to what your May Disney vacation could throw your way. Here at DFB, we’re constantly doing our best to prepare our readers for their next Disney trip, from park necessities to ride closures. Follow along for more so that you’re always prepared! Oh, and click the link below to see more tips for your 2023 Disney vacation.

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What’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made while at the Disney parks? Let us know in the comments!

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