95% of Disney Fans Say This Disney World Cost Is Totally WORTH IT

There are a lot of things you can buy in Disney World to make your trip a little easier, a little less stressful, and a little more convenient.

Refillable mugs

We’re talking about things like Genie+, which lets you skip long standby lines at rides and access shorter Lightning Lanes. Or maybe you like paying for prix fixe meals, where you know exactly what you’ll pay up front to eat. Not everyone agrees on the worth of those things, but when it comes to another Disney World convenience, almost ALL of our readers feel it’s worth it.

That would be the Resort Refillable MugsThese are 16 oz. insulated mugs sold at Disney hotels at counter service locations. If you buy one of these mugs, you can get unlimited free refills on fountain drinks, coffee, and tea, from any participating beverage location at any Disney World hotel for the length of your stay — up to 14 days. Each mug has an RFID bar code which will deactivate the mug when that designated time is complete. SO high-tech.

100th anniversary refillable mug

Mugs currently cost $21.99, and when we asked you, our DFB readers, if you thought these mugs were worth it, almost ALL of you said a resounding “yes!”

Julie said: “Yes! Got my coffee in it every morning. And once when my hubby and I both got sick at Disney, we went multiple times a day to get hot tea!”

50th Anniversary Resort Refillable Mugs

Brad even went so far as to convince others that the mugs were worth it: “Absolutely. I went on vacation every year as a kid growing up and we got them. I knew their value. Last year I went with my wife, son, and inlaws. They didn’t want them, but I did, so I got one. By day 2 everyone had one lol…. Also, I miss the resort specific ones. They were so cool.”

Holiday resort refillable mugs

John even likes to start the day by refilling the mugs before hitting the parks: “Love waking up early & walking down with everyone’s mugs to get coffee before the rest of the family wakes up. It’s how we start each day.”

Matthew voiced disappointment at not having bought one for a recent trip: “I will next time I go. I decided not to do it for a 3-day weekend trip because I figured I wouldn’t need it as much. I grossly underestimated how much I would spend on drinks in that 3-day span.”

Halloween resort refillable mugs

Jen said she uses her refillable mug at home:  “Yes. We use them for coffee in the mornings, a drink on the way back to our room and beverage to go with the 2-3 meals we eat at the food court and it easily pays for itself. Plus you get a souvenir. Makes a great travel mug for coffee!”

Heather said even though you can’t refill the mugs for free in the parks, they are still useful on park days: “I buy them so I can take a beverage with me on the bus, then pour my soda from the quick service restaurants into it during the day. I have my own straw that way and a lid.”

Disney World Refillable Mugs

Bonnie said: “Yes! We get a lot of use out of them and they make great souvenirs! I use mine while in my home office during Teams meetings – gives me a bit of the magic when I’m not at WDW.”

David thinks those mugs make everything taste better: “Joffrey’s coffee, or hot chocolate, tastes even better outta those mugs!”

Refillable Resort Mugs

According to Jessica, “Yes! 1. they are so cute! 2. you can use them in the park for ice water which stay cooler longer than in the cups they give you. 3. we stop by the soda fountain on the way back to the resort and fill up which just helps save on the money we spend on buying can soda, because we only take one can in the park per day in our cooler, rest of the time is water. 4. it makes for a good cup of coffee for a morning car ride which makes my mornings much better.”

Refillable Resort Mug Price Signage

There were a few people who don’t feel they’re worth it, though. Jillian doesn’t feel her group ever needs them: “We used to, mainly for coffee. But we haven’t since coffee makers were added to all the rooms. We are not big soda people.”

Resort refillable mugs

Carolyn said: “Nope! We only drink water and coffee so it’s not worth it for us, plus it was a pain to run out and get coffee while we’re in a rush trying to get ready to head to the parks — much easier, cheaper and more convenient to make coffee in the villa.”

However, most of you feel the refillable mugs are worth it, and if you do drink a lot of soda, we can see how a refillable mug could be a wise investment. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you and your group could benefit from the resort refillable mugs, but if you want to know more about them, click here.

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Do you think the resort refillable mugs are worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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