GET READY! A 100th Anniversary SURPRISE May Pop Up at Your Disney World Hotel

There’s a special surprise in Disney World, but you’ll have to be extra lucky to catch it!

There’s always something new happening in Disney World!

The 100th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company is being celebrated this year in all kinds of ways. We’ve already seen tons of merchandise released, a breakdown of upcoming 100th Anniversary celebrations for Disney World, and even cheap 100th Anniversary souvenirs. But there’s another Disney100 surprise available at Disney World’s hotels, you’ll just have to time your visits carefully to see it!

While we were traveling on the monorail today, we spotted a special character caravan bus themed to the Disney100 celebration at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. We’ve spotted character caravans at the Disney World hotels before. If you see one of these buses in front of your hotel, there’s a good chance that some Disney characters are hanging around so you’ll want to go searching for them!

During the 50th Anniversary celebration in Disney World, characters started to appear at the hotels in their 50th Anniversary looks, and now it seems things have received a Disney100 makeover!

100th Bus

While we were at the Polynesian, the characters came out to meet guests decked out in their 100th Anniversary gear!

Looking Good Donald!

Donald was dressed up in his fancy blue and white suit — snazzy!

We Love It!

Goofy made an appearance too, looking wonderful in his special outfit. Just look at those shiny shoes!


And we got to say “hello” to Pluto. His Disney100 outfit is much more subtle, with a smaller 100th Anniversary collar/dog tag design.

Pluto Too!

Pluto was absolutely adorable and even “booped” our camera while we were taking pictures.


You never know when these caravans will show up, so you’ll have to be on the lookout for them. If you spot one outside of a Disney World hotel, take a look around and see if you can find these Disney friends. At first, we couldn’t find them, so we hung around for a bit and eventually caught them in front of the hotel.

During our time at the hotel, the characters only stuck around for about 20 minutes (but the bus was parked there for about 15 minutes before the characters came out), so don’t expect them to be there for too long.

Donald’s Outfit

Whether you’ll be staying at or visiting a Disney World hotel soon, be on the lookout for these fashionable friends! And remember that more 100th Anniversary fun is on its way to Disney World.

Later this year, the Disney100 Celebration will come to EPCOT. There, you’ll be able to see a platinum Mickey Mouse sculpture, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their celebratory platinum outfits. To shop some 100th Anniversary items online, click here. And stay tuned for more updates.

 Are you staying at a Disney World hotel soon? Tell us in the comments.

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