WARNING: Genie+ Could Sell Out Next Week — Here’s Why

Disney World is CROWDED right now and it’s all thanks to spring break travelers.


Many schools are closed around the country, and people have taken the opportunity to flock to the parks. In situations like this, we recommend considering whether or not Genie+ might be right for your group. But, if you’re thinking about using it in the parks next week — we’ve got a WARNING for you!

Now is a great time to head to Disney World — so much is going on, the weather can be gorgeous, and let’s be real, when isn’t it a great time to go to Disney World?! Well, depending on how you feel about crowds, now might not be the best time. Of course, buying Genie+ might help with this a bit, but it’s only a matter of time before the service sells out again!

Lightning Lane sign at Ariel’s Grotto

Genie+ reached its highest price yet again on March 12th — at $29. Not only that, but we saw some pretty steep prices for the Individual Lightning Lanes, although they weren’t the highest we’ve seen. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was $12, Cosmic Rewind was $17, Flight of Passage was $16, and Rise of the Resistance was $25.


Skipping the lines is going to cost you these days, as Genie+ has remained at $29 every day since then. On March 13th, the Individual Lightning Lanes were priced the same as well — but Flight of Passage was completely sold out by 8:30AM.

Flight of Passage

This pattern pretty much continued through the rest of the week as well. On March 14th, the price for Genie+ was still $29. Not only that, but all the Individual Lightning Lane attractions sold out before the end of the day, so some guests didn’t get the chance to skip the lines even if they had wanted to.

Lightning Lane at Kali River Rapids

And then, on March 15th, Genie+ sold out AGAIN! It didn’t happen too early in the day this time, though — instead, it was sold out by around 3PM. Each pay-per-ride attraction sold out this day as well.


Luckily, Genie+ remained available all day on March 16th, but it was still at a record-high $29 — and all the Individual rides sold out too. They also sold out pretty darn fast — by 9:40AM, all the pay-per-ride options were sold out for the day. And on March 17th, they were all sold out by the time we checked at 2:30PM.

So, not only is Genie+ the most expensive it’s ever been right now, but it’s also selling out.

Expedition Everest Lightning Lane

Pay-per-rides are going pretty early in the day, so keep that in mind if you have a specific ride you’re trying to get on. Pay-per-ride options become available to purchase at 7AM for Disney World hotel guests (and those at select other resorts) and park open for all others.

Chances are we’ll see these trends continue as Spring Break crowds continue to pour into Disney World, with more potential for the standard service to sell out altogether. Be sure you purchase it early in the day if you want to be able to skip the lines!

Lightning Lane sign for Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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