REVIEW: Mickey Pizza and Mini Donuts? Disney’s Newest Dining Spot Has Our Attention!

We are SO thrilled that Toontown is back open in Disneyland.

Toontown is back!

Not only does this mean the reopening of parts of the land we’ve loved for years, but there are also two new spots to eat at in Toontown. One of those is Cafe Daisy, and we’re here to try everything there is to offer!

Cafe Daisy serves up pizza, special drinks, sweet treats, and more!


Cafe Daisy is an ADORABLE quick-service location and has the same touches as the other buildings in Toontown, as it looks like it’s straight out of a cartoon.

Cafe Daisy

There’s plenty of outdoor seating here, too: the tables have umbrellas.

Plenty of seating

Mobile Order is available here or you can order with a Cast Member.


When your food is ready, you’ll pick it up from a window.

Pickup windows

So let’s see what we got and how it tastes!


The food here is diner-inspired, so expect things like Pizza Flop-OversThe Daisy Dog, Daisy’s Dressed Up Dog, and a Spring Garden Wrap. For sides, you can get Toontown ‘Tater Chips, Chili-Cheese Sauce, and Ranch. For dessert, you can get Daisy’s Goody-Goody Donuts. Several specialty beverages, along with soft drinks and water, are also available.


There’s also a Kid’s Menu with two kinds of Pizza, as well as Minnie’s Mini Corn Dogs and Mac & Cheesy.


For drinks, you can grab the Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade for $6.49. It’s made with Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade with Watermelon Premium Syrup and Watermelon Gummies. Of the three drinks we tried, this one was our favorite. Ours did not have the Watermelon gummies, though.

Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade

You can also grab the Specialty Cold Brrr-ew for $6.29, which is made with Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew Caramel Mudslide with Sea Salt-Caramel-Toffee Sauce, topped with Whipped Cream. This cold brew is okay, but we thought the toffee flavor was a little TOO much.

Specialty Cold Brrr-ew

We also sipped on Granny Goof’s Garden Sweet Tea for $6.49, made with Gold Peak Sweet Iced Tea with Honey-Mango Premium Syrup and Mango flavor-filled Spheres. This was our least favorite of the three drinks. It tasted way too artificial for our liking.

Granny Goof’s Garden Sweet Tea

Sorry, Granny Goof!


For food, we LOVED the Spring Garden Wrap for $12.99. It’s made with Romaine and Quinoa Wrap with Creamy Lemon Dressing and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, with House-made Chips. If we would get any of the entrees here again, this would be it. It has great flavor and a nice crunch — the toasted pumpkin seeds were DELISH. It also tasted fresh.

Spring Garden Wrap

The Cheesy Pizza Flop-Over for $9.99 will be a BIG hit with kids. It’s made with Mozzarella and Provolone Cheese with Tomato Sauce. The crust was really good, but overall, we thought the flavor was a little bland, but that could be good for picky eaters.

Cheesy Pizza Flop-over

Daisy’s Dressed-Up Dog is an All-beef Foot-long with Chili-Cheese Sauce, Mac n Cheese and Parmesan Potato Crispies, with House-made Chip for $14.49.We had such high hopes for this one, but in the end, it was just “meh.” We thought the crispies added a nice crunch, though, and we did LOVE that chili cheese sauce. The Mac and Cheese wasn’t really anything special, though. The chili cheese sauce is about the only thing that would have us order this again (and you can get that separately anyway, so why bother?).

Daisy Dog

We also tried the Kid’s Pepperoni Please! Pizza, which will also be a HUGE kid-pleaser. First, the pepperoni is Mickey-shaped. This is honestly just a regular Disney kid’s pizza, but kids will love it.


Finally, we ended the meal with Daisy’s Goody-Goody Donuts for $5.99. These are House-made Mini-Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar. They’re made to order ON SITE, so they’re warm, fresh, fluffy, and YUMMY.


We also got the Chili-Cheese Sauce for $3.99 and we now just want to put it on EVERYTHING.

That chili cheese sauce, though

We dipped our Pizza Flop-Over in it — and we’d do it again.

Nosh or Not

Dine at Cafe Daisy if…

  • You’re looking for a quick meal! Since Cafe Daisy’s has Mobile Order, you can order from the Disneyland app and pick up your food. It’s that simple and quick!
  • You have picky eaters with you. The food here is pretty simple and your classic theme park fare, so it can please just about anybody!
  • You have kids with you that want to play in Toontown all day! Toontown has a lot for kids to do, so if they work up an appetite and you’re in need of a quick snack, Cafe Daisy’s will have something that hits the spot.

Skip Cafe Daisy if…

  • You want to try something more adventurous. Although we enjoyed the food here, it is not the most adventurous cuisine you can try in Disneyland. If you’re tired of regular theme park food, you might want to skip this spot.
  • You’re looking for something more upscale. This is a little quick service spot so it does not serve Disneyland’s fanciest food — consider trying a table service restaurant like Blue Bayou.


Overall, we think this spot is going to be a hit with kids and picky eaters. However, the wrap is a really good option if you want something healthy, but something that also still tastes great. The watermelon lemonade is also nice and refreshing and it will be great for those hot summer days. Would we go out of our way to eat here? Probably not, but if you’re in Toontown and need to eat, it’s a good option.

In other Disneyland news, don’t miss our review of the snail pizza we tried and the two Disneyland snacks we have ZERO complaints about. As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disneyland news!

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