Best Snacks in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for 2023

There are SO many snacks in Disney World — some are so big they are practically a meal!

There are so many snacks to try!

Disney really upped its snack game at Hollywood Studios with the opening of Toy Story Land in 2018 and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in 2019. These new areas brought even more options, with plenty of interesting items to try!

If you’re headed to Hollywood Studios you might be overwhelmed with options. We’ve tried nearly every single snack in the park so you don’t have to. These are our picks for the top snacks in Hollywood Studios — keep reading to see if your favorite made the list!


For the times when you’re hankering for something more than a snack but don’t want to commit to an entire meal, Totchos are there for you. This hearty bowl layers a variety of feel-good foods on top of crispy tater tots to create a filling snack that is also portable!


You can find Totchos at Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land, and while sometimes you can find different versions of the dish, the classic bowl comes with Beef and Bean Chili, Shredded Cheese and signature Queso with Tomatoes and Corn Chips finished with Sour Cream and a sprinkle of Green Onions. We loved these from the moment we tried them! The crunch from the tater tots and corn chips compliment the savory chili, and the cool sour cream and fresh green onions pair perfectly. Plus, everything tastes better with melty, stretchy cheese!

Ronto Wrap

Over in Galaxy’s Edge you can buy cuisine from other planets. At Ronto Roasters you can try out fresh “ronto” meat (and can even see the droid working tirelessly to turn the roasting spit!). Here you can buy a Ronto Wrap, a pita wrap filled with roasted pork, grilled pork sausage, peppercorn sauce, and slaw. It has the perfect balance between the heavier flavors of the meat and the fresh, bright taste of the slaw.

This wrap might change your life

If you aren’t a fan of pork or don’t eat meat, there are other versions available too. We’ve tried out both the Chicken Ronto Wrap as well as the Ronto-less Garden Wrap. The chicken version comes with marinated flame-seared chicken, cucumber relish, and an herb feta yogurt sauce while the plant-based wrap features plant-based sausage garnished with spicy kimchi slaw, sweet pickled cucumber, and gochujang spread. We liked both of these (the chicken was particularly refreshing) and they’re great alternatives to the original!

Carrot Cake Cookie

Not every snack has to be savory! The Trolley Car Cafe is a great place to find snacks of a sweeter variety, including this massive Carrot Cake Cookie. This is a popular snack and considered to be a signature item in Hollywood Studios!

Trolley Car Cafe Carrot Cake Cookie

This treat is more cake than cookie; it’s made up of two soft pieces of firm carrot cake with cream cheese frosting in the middle. The cake itself is moist and has a fairly strong carrot flavor which balances out the richness of the frosting. This snack is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Lunch Box Tart

Woody’s Lunch Box was an instant hit once it opened! You still might have a hard time trying to find a place to sit down outside of the Toy Story Land counter service location. We had to mention it again on this list because it has another iconic snack, and that’s the Lunch Box Tart.

Lunch Box Tart

This snack is essentially a homemade Pop-Tart! It’s a rectangular pastry, and can come in tons of different flavors with fun and eye-catching designs. You’ll find different fillings with coordinating fondant and toppings, like the Sweet Potato Lunch Box Tart or the Hot Chocolate Lunch Box Tart we saw around the holidays. How sweet they are depends on the flavoring, but overall these are a big hit with kids (of all ages!).

Wookiee Cookie

While we’re on the topic of well-designed snacks, let’s talk about the Wookiee Cookie. This cookie is inspired by none other than our personal favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca! It’s made up of two oatmeal cookies, sandwiched together with a fluffy whoopie-pie cream filling. The color of the cookie reminds us of his fur, and it’s even topped with a chocolate designed to replicate his bandolier!

Disney World Wookiee Cookie

Although this is a Star Wars snack, it actually isn’t in Galaxy’s Edge! If you want to try out this adorable treat, head over to Backlot Express.

Bavarian Pretzel

Giant soft pretzels are a classic theme park food that you often can’t go wrong with. This Bavarian Pretzel may look simple, but it is tasty and filling! They’re also easy to split amongst a group, so everyone can have a piece. You can also grab different dipping sauces to try, and those can drastically change the taste of your snack if you’re not that into plain pretzels!

Pretzels as big as your head!

In Hollywood Studios, we like to get our pretzels from BaseLine Tap House. Not only can you stop by here for a quick snack, you can also pause to take a break from your long day in the parks and take in the sights of Grand Avenue. The Bavarian Pretzel comes with both beer cheese and a spicy mustard, and while the mustard is good, the beer cheese is really what makes this snack (you KNOW how we feel about cheeeessseee!)! It’s gooey and pairs perfectly with the soft and salty pretzel.

Jack Jack’s Cookie Num Nums

Who doesn’t love food inspired by movies? Take a recommendation from Jack-Jack, the littlest but most chaotic of the Incredibles, and try out this Num Num Cookie! If you aren’t convinced yet, let’s just say this is a contender for best cookie in all of Disney World.

Jack Jack’s Num Num Cookie!

To try it out for yourself, just head over to The Market. That’s where you’ll find these giant cookies, which are essentially a massive upgrade to your regular chocolate chip cookie. These thick cookies come in foil cups that you get to peel off to reveal the amazing snack you’re about to eat (trust us, it’s really satisfying to do). Each cookie is packed full of chunky chocolate chips that make this one of our favorite Disney World desserts. They’re a can’t-miss!

PB&J Milkshake

Take it back old-school and head over to the Tune-In Lounge. Don’t know where it is? We don’t blame you! This little hideaway is tucked in between 50’s Prime Time Cafe and Hollywood & Vine on Echo Lake. It’s a 1950s-themed lounge perfect for taking a break during your day, and besides its regular bar menu, you can often order items from 50’s Prime Time without needing to grab a reservation!

This is a Hollywood Studios classic!

One of our favorite things to order here is the PB&J Milkshake! This thick milkshake is blended with peanut butter and grape jelly to create a comforting beverage that will certainly cool you down during the hot Florida summer. The first time we tried it we tasted more PB than J, which can be great for peanut butter lovers. We love stopping by this hidden gem for a respite!

Outpost Mix Popcorn

You may have tried the traditional buttered popcorn from one of the many stalls across the other parks, but what about this fun and colorful take on the classic snack? The Outpost Mix is color coordinated for a reason, and believe it or not this is probably the most controversial snack on our list!

Tasty popcorn!

The Outpost Mix take the sweet-and-salty concept and cranks it up several levels! Inside your bag you’ll find a blend of sweet and fruity purple popcorn, along with savory and spicy red popcorn with a distinct chili flavor. While many aren’t fans of this combination, we think they work well together and each different flavor note balances the others out. If you’d like to try it for yourself, head over to Kat Saka’s Kettle in Galaxy’s Edge!


This is probably the ultimate dessert for those who just can’t get enough sugar. We’re back at the Trolley Car Cafe for another spectacular sweet! The Napoleon is a classic French dessert made up of several layers, including three layers of puff pastry, rich vanilla pastry cream, and topped with royal icing. Each layer comes together for an overall magnificent impression.


The Napoleon is not for those who can’t take much sugar! They’re also pretty messy so don’t be afraid to just dig in and go for it. Overall they aren’t overly rich — each separate component is fairly light. However, because of their size we would still recommend splitting this! Grab one then head over to Fantasmic! and enjoy your dessert for a perfect ending to your Hollywood Studios trip.

We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Hollywood Studios’s best snacks! Next time you head to this park you can try out something new or revisit an old favorite.

Stay tuned to our site for more Disney reviews to help you on your future trips!

The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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