Will Cinderella Castle Go Back to Its Original Colors After the 50th Anniversary?

Disney World’s 18-month 50th Anniversary celebration is quickly coming to an end.

Cinderella Castle

This celebration brought us lots of new snacks to try, entertainment to check out, and, of course, a complete makeover of Cinderella Castle. But will the Cinderella Castle makeover stay after the 50th Anniversary? Here’s what we know!

Disney announced the makeover back in February 2020, but it was then put on hold due to the pandemic closures. However, the original paint makeover was not for the 50th Anniversary! It was instead to celebrate Cinderella’s 70th Anniversary, and that’s one of the reasons why we think the current Cinderella Castle color palette will NOT be going away after the 50th Anniversary ends.

Cinderella Castle

This paint job also took Disney a year to complete, and since there have been no plans announced to change the paint and the castle isn’t under refurbishment right now, it’s unlikely that Disney will choose to go back to the previous colors.

Painting Cinderella Castle (2020)

Although it doesn’t seem like the paint on the castle will change, the 50th anniversary decorations will most likely be taken down when the celebration ends on March 31st. We even saw a big hint at this in some of the merchandise.

No more 50th elements

This is just one of the many looks the castle has donned over the years, which also means that it may be a while before we see a new design. So while we won’t be surprised if the large 50 is taken away from the front of the castle, we think the paint is here to stay for a while longer. As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney news!

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