Is Loungefly Worth It?

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Did you see these Loungefly bags being carried by many guests on your last trip to Disney World, go to check them out in one of the shops, and instantly get hit with sticker shock?

Minnie Mouse Disney100 Loungefly Mini Backpack

Loungefly backpacks are undeniably appealing, but they are PRICEY. With so many people still purchasing them, and many designs selling out quickly, are they actually worth it?

What Is Loungefly?

Loungefly is a brand that creates accessories inspired by pop culture, including Disney. While most famous for their mini backpacks, they also sell purses, wallets, and other items like apparel, pins, and even ear headbands!

Lotso Loungefly crossbody bags

Loungefly has designs inspired by almost any Disney movie you can think of! You can find bags featuring Disney princesses, Star Wars characters, and Marvel heroes and villains. They also make bags based off of Disney parks, including designs inspired by attractions, festivals, and celebrations like 100 Years of Wonder. With new designs coming out monthly, you’re sure to find at least one bag with your favorite character or ride!

Why Is Loungefly So Expensive?

Most Loungefly backpacks start around $50, with many sitting around the $80 mark. When you can purchase a travel backpack on Amazon for just $20, what sets Loungefly apart from other brands?

Woody and Bo Peep Loungefly

For starters, because of their partnership with Disney, they are able to create designs that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You’ll also find more underrated and rare characters, movies, and other designs from them! Loungefly is constantly coming out with new designs, and because of this they are able to focus on more than just the most popular characters, so you’re more likely to find a backpack inspired by that obscure Disney film you loved as a kid.

Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

Many of the Loungefly backpacks and bags are of a similar shape, but plenty have unique designs to fit the character they are designed after. This is much more expensive for a company to produce as they’ll need to create new patterns for each release. You’re paying more because their bags aren’t cookie cutter, and for their attention to detail (like special zipper pulls or coordinating adjustable straps).

The film wheel on the front pocket spins to reveal different scenes in each of the windows

These bags are also fairly sturdy. Many reviewers have noted how impressed they were with the construction of the bags! While there are some Loungefly designs that use softer fabrics, most of these bags are made of a faux leather that, while light, helps the bags retain their shape and doesn’t collapse in on itself.

Bambi Loungefly

Of course, there is the brand and recognition factor. Loungefly backpacks are a common sight in the parks both in merch stores as well as on the backs of guests. With their popularity, there is going to be demand, which makes prices rise. But as we detailed above there is more to their higher price tag than just their status!

Are Loungefly Bags Worth the Price?

Now that you know some reasons why Loungefly bags cost as much as they do, are they actually worth their price? We would say yes, especially if you are shopping for a park bag that performs well AND has that Disney factor.

We use Loungefly backpacks on our park days

Loungefly bags are the perfect size — they are large enough to hold your park necessities while remaining small enough to carry around all day. We’ve found that between the large main compartment, smaller front pocket, and side slip pockets, that most Loungefly backpacks have more than enough room to carry our essentials.

We fit all of this into one Loungefly!

There are many people who love to collect Loungefly bags and swap them out each day, but if their cost is a little on the high end for you, there’s no reason not to find a design you love and stick with it!

Where to Buy Loungefly Bags

Loungefly has their own website where you can shop their latest releases which are also often carried in the parks. Amazon has a ton of different designs as well, and even carries some exclusive designs you won’t see anywhere else!

This Sebastian Loungefly was an Amazon exclusive last year

If you’re looking for the latest Disney drops, head over to shopDisney. There you’ll find 100th Anniversary designs as well as new bags for current park events like EPCOT festivals.

Minnie Mouse Disney100 Loungefly Mini Backpack

Other sites you can use to shop Loungefly are pop culture meccas like Box Lunch and Hot Topic that carry their own exclusive designs too!

Where to Find Deals on Loungefly Bags

Loungefly bags aren’t ALWAYS expensive. Many stores have their own deals and promotions that can be used to lower the price. shopDisney has sales throughout the year, and sometimes Loungefly bags will be included!

Critters Loungefly

Box Lunch and Hot Topic have their own sales as well that often can bring the price of a Loungefly backpack down significantly. Probably the best place to find discounts on Loungefly bags is on Amazon — we’ve seen backpacks with discounts ranging from 10% off all the way to 50% off or more!


Remember, the longer a bag has been out, the more likely it will be to go on sale. That doesn’t mean that new bags won’t ever go on sale (we’ve seen shopDisney include new drops in their sales before!) but most retailers will lower the price on older stock when it’s been available for some time. Just keep an eye out for sales, and you just may be able to snag a backpack for $35 or less!

Click here to check out the Loungefly bags on sale on Amazon!

Loungefly backpacks aren’t for everybody, but there’s no denying they are a popular choice in Disney World for a reason. Whether you are only looking to buy one of your favorite character or love to collect dozens of them, these bags have a charm to them that will keep them at the top of the list of park bags for the foreseeable future!

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Do you own any Loungefly bags? Do you prefer to just have one or do you like to collect them? Comment below!

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