The SHOCKING Way Disney Cruise Line Rooms Are Created

Have you ever wondered how the MASSIVE Disney Cruise Line (DCL) ships are created?

The Disney Wish

These huge ships consist of enough magical details to rival the Disney parks, and half of the ship is built while it’s floating! How then, is everything so perfect?

Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish

We got a glimpse at how the DCL ships are created in the new documentary Making the Disney Wish: Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship which is now available to watch on Disney+! One of the most shocking details of how the ships are created is how the cruise cabins — the individual guest rooms — are built!

Moment of truth: the DCL cabins aren’t built as part of the ship! That’s right — they’re built as individual containers.

This is someone’s room! ©Disney

It’s like playing real-life Polly Pockets! The rooms are built, designed, and properly wired — and then moved by crane into the ship. This is why it’s so important that each part of the ship lines up perfectly when being assembled.

All those details — all before the cabin goes on the ship! ©Disney

We had no idea that this was how cruise ships were built. Our minds are blown! We found out so much information on DCL and Disney in general through this new documentary. We highly recommend it, even if you don’t think you’ll ever get your sea legs.

As usual, follow along for more Disney-related news, reviews, and updates! And, if you’re now thinking of a magical voyage at sea, click the link below. 😉

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