All-Star Movies vs. All-Star Music Disney World Resort Guide 2023

Disney World’s Value Resorts are not only a way to stay on-property without spending tons of money, but they also feature fun theming throughout the entire resort.

Who will come out on top?

The All-Star Resorts are part of the Value Resort family with each having its own unique theme: Music, Movies, and Sports. These resorts have plenty in common but by no means are they identical!

There’s no doubt that Disney vacations are expensive, and no one wants buyer’s remorse when it comes to what can usually be the most EXPENSIVE part of your Disney trip. If you’re trying to choose between All-Star Movies and All-Star Music we’ve done the research for you!

All-Star Movies

We’re approaching this chaos-agent of a decision with as much logic as possible, so we broke down this comparison into five categories: Common Ground, Theme/Rooms, Pools, Food, and Transportation. Let’s see how these two resorts match up!

Common Ground

Both of these spots are All-Star Resorts which fall under the category of Value Resorts at Disney World. That means they will both be at a comparable price point, with similar room sizes and amenities. Disney’s All-Star Resorts have strong theming that carries throughout the entire campus; this includes the huge statues you’ll see at each All-Star Resort as well as the theming for their rooms, pools, shops, and eateries.

Giant maracas at All-Star Music

Each resort is divided into different areas with names matching their themes which can help guests navigate the often sprawling surroundings. Because of their kid-friendly decorations and amenities, you are more likely to see families with children at these resorts, as well as traveling groups like school bands and sports teams. This means these resorts can get a little noisy, even at night!

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

At All-Star Movies, room rates start at $132 per night excluding tax for their Standard Rooms at the cheapest times of year when the parks are least busy. The most expensive room rates here will run you about $280 per night — that’s for a Preferred Room around Christmas, one of the more popular times of year. Both of these room types can sleep up to 4 adults.

All-Star Music has similar rates. Their Standard Rooms also start at $132 per night, and a Preferred Room for the same dates in December 2023 was just under $290 per night. While the room designs for both of these locations have similar styles, this resort has an additional room option you won’t find at All-Star Movies that is priced significantly higher.


While the main concept of the All-Star Resorts is similar, the rooms at these resorts have their own unique touches.

All-Star Music

One of the main differences between All-Star Movies and All-Star Music is that there are Family Suite options at All-Star Music. These suites feature 2 full bathrooms and sleep up to 6 adults. Of course, these are significantly more expensive than the Standard Rooms; you can expect to pay from $300 to $600 per night!

Family Suite at the All-Star Music Resort

The rooms at the All-Star Music Resort were refurbished in 2022, and the new design reminds us of standard hotel rooms. The furniture is modern and clean with a few Disney touches, like these art prints of classic characters performing their favorite songs.

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All-Star Music room posters

While some guests are disappointed of the lack of Disney theming within these rooms, others prefer the more subtle touches and subdued atmosphere. Plus, there is plenty of exciting theming outside of your room!

All-Star Music Resort

Each area at this resort is themed after a different genre of music: Country, Broadway, Jazz, Rock and Calypso. You’ll find giant statues and art pieces inspired by these musical genres across the entire resort. Don’t be surprised if you encounter a musical surprise while wandering around!

All-Star Movies

The rooms at All-Star Movies were also recently updated and feature a similar design style to the rooms at All-Star Music. Check out the cute DuckTales art that’s revealed when you pull down this Murphy bed!

Standard Room

These rooms, while smaller than those at Moderate or Deluxe Resorts, still space for your belongings. They are extremely functional and include large TV’s, multiple storage options, and generous-sized showers. 

Take a Photo Tour to see even MORE details of an All-Star Movies Standard Room here!

Plenty of space!

Outside of your room, you can explore the resort and find larger-than-life versions of characters from classic Disney films like 101 DalmationsToy StoryFantasia, and many more.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort


These two resorts are pretty evenly matched when it comes to theming and rooms. The one thing that pushes All-Star Music into the lead are its Family Suites, which can come in handy when you’re traveling with a larger group. For those who are searching for accommodation that has Disney theming for the kids but a more relaxing room design for the adults, both of these resorts are a great choice.

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If you thought the giant statues were the full extent of these resorts’ strong theming, just wait until you see their pools! All-Star Resorts each have a leisure pool and a signature pool to pick from, so let’s take a look at these.

All-Star Music

Looking to brush up on your scales and arpeggios? Take a dip in the Piano Pool, which features black and white keys perfect for recreating Tom Hanks’s iconic F.A.O. Schwartz performance from Big.

Piano Pool at All-Star Music

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the showstopper at All-Star Music is the Calypso Pool. This 251,418-gallon pool is shaped like a guitar and pays homage to The Three Caballeros. A fountain in the center of the pool even features the trio and shoots water at swimmers!

All-Star Music’s Calypso Pool

This is also where guests can enjoy free movie nights of a variety of Disney films. Movies Under the Stars is an activity offered at several resorts, and All-Star Music guests can gather here on select nights to enjoy complimentary screenings! For smaller children, there is a nearby kiddie pool behind Melody Hall.

All-Star Movies

If you’re a fan of classic Disney films, you’ll love the pools here! The first is the Duck Pond Pool, which looks like a hockey rink. Can you guess what film inspired such a design? The Mighty Ducks of course! The pool is lined with giant hockey sticks and you can pose for a pic at the nearby giant hockey mask.

Duck Pond Pool

Fantasia is another perfect choice for a pool theme — who can forget Sorcerer Mickey enchanting the brooms to carry water for him? Just as it was in the movie, it also got out of hand here and created a pool for guests to enjoy.

Fantasia Pool

Giant broomsticks carrying buckets of water can be spotted next to the pool which has a massive curtain framing the Sorcerer Mickey fountain. At the Fantasia Pool area you’ll also find a small kiddie pool and play area for the little ones to splash around in. This resort also has Movies Under The Stars but instead of being at the pool area it’s at a different location closer to the lobby.


Again, because these resorts are so evenly matched it’s difficult to pick a winner. Ultimately, All-Star Movies wins in the pool category because of their strong and recognizable theming. However both resorts have extremely similar amenities, so it just comes down to theme preference!

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Again, both of these resorts have similar dining options! With one food court option and a pool bar each, let’s take a look and see if we can spot any differences between them.

All-Star Music

The food court at All-Star Music is called Intermission. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and most items are $15 and under. They even have Mickey Waffles!

Intermission Food Court

You can dine on favorites like hot dogs, burgers, and chicken tenders, or choose from some of their fancier entrees like Braised Beef or Seared Salmon (apparently they like alliteration!). Intermission also has special items for different events, like this Banana Pudding Cheesecake for Celebrate Soulfully. For a food court, they have a good variety of options that can suit almost any palette!

Banana pudding cheesecake

Singing Spirits Pool Bar can be found over by the Calypso Pool. Here you can choose from specialty cocktails, draft beers, sangria and wine.

Singing Spirits

If you’ve worked up an appetite from swimming, they’ve got you covered! The menu also includes snacks, as well as more filling options like salads and sandwiches. Food options are around $10 and under, non-alcoholic drinks average $5 each, and alcoholic beverages run from $9 to $17.

The Merry Margarita

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All-Star Movies

All-Star Movies has a food court that’s appropriately named World Premiere! The dining space is decorated with movie posters that are worth a visit themselves. Cuisine here is all-American for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and prices are similar to the other All-Star Resorts.

World Premiere Food Court

The food options here are nearly identical apart from one signature burger: All-Star Music has a Blues Burger with Blue Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Bacon, and Garlic Aïoli, while All-Star Movies has a Showstopper Burger with Bacon-Onion Jam, Cheddar, Provolone, Jalapeño, and Crispy Onions.

World Premiere Food Court

Saunter on over to the Fantasia Pool to find the Silver Screen Spirits pool bar!

Silver Screen Spirits at All-Star Movies

Again, this bar has a similar menu to Singing Spirits, with snacks, sandwiches, salads, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options. You can pull up a chair and have a seat at the bar or take your purchases with you back to your lounge chair or table for a more relaxing vibe.

Paper cups; no glass at the pool!

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Do we need to say it again? The dining options only vary slightly, and the biggest difference is their theming. Because the menus are nearly identical it really makes this a difficult choice, but we have to give it to All-Star Movies! Again, their theming is more fun, and the last time we visited we noticed this spot was pretty quiet. If you’re looking for a low-key spot, especially at lunch time, check out World Premiere!

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Disney World has several transportation options but not every type stops at every resort. Surely there has to be a difference between these two in that department, right … right?!

Bus stop at All-Star Movies

Wrong. Both All-Star Music and All-Star Movies connect to the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort through Disney’s bus transportation. This is the only free Disney transportation that stops at these resorts, including All-Star Sports. All three All-Stars are right next to each other so there isn’t a massive difference even if you were trying to use a rideshare to get to or from the parks! This time, we’re just gonna have to call it a tie.

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The Winner

Drumroll please! The winner of this showdown between All-Star Music and All-Star Movies is … well, it’s your decision! Both resorts are extremely similar, so ultimately the choice really comes down to theming. Do you prefer celebrating Hollywood and all of the fun of Disney animation? Or are you a music lover who can’t wait to check out the different areas at the resort? The good news is, if you can’t find availability at one resort for your chosen dates (or can’t bear to pick between the two) you know you’ll be getting a similar experience.

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Do you have a favorite between these two resorts, or is there another one that stands out more? Comment your thoughts below!

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