Rise of The Resistance Motion Sickness Info and Tips

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is an extremely immersive land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, it may just look and feel a bit too real at times.
Guests have reported wanting to steer clear of Rise of the Resistance because of how it makes them feel. We’ve got a few tips to help you conquer this attraction and still be able to carry on with the rest of your Disney park day.

Since it was announced as an attraction at Galaxy’s Edge inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios park, Rise of the Resistance has been a hot topic. Fans of the ride will line up for hours (we’re talking 4+ hour-long wait times) just to be able to experience this attraction. Overall, it’s a fully immersive ride that takes you deep within the resistance base before being captured by the First Order and held captive…and that’s just the preshow!

An empty Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios After Hours

The actual ride itself starts when the resistance crew comes to break you out of the interrogation holding cell before the First Order can find out the details of their secret base. This ride has lots of ups, downs, lefts, rights, and even a surprise drop at the ending as your escape pod falls back down to Batuu — maybe just “a little off target.”

Ride Style

Rise of the Resistance as we just mentioned above is designed to put you, the guest, right in the middle of the action, and its ride vehicles are a bit modified from the classic omnimover style we’ve seen in Peter’s Pan’s Flight or the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Rise of the Resistance

You’ll actually board two different vehicles during this attraction! The first you’ll experience as the resistance is taking you out towards their secret base coordinates on Bacara.

Rise of the Resistance

While boarded on this vehicle, guests will be subjected to simulated movements of flying through space on a ship and being caught up in a laser battle with tie fighters of the First Order. Additionally, guests should also expect this vehicle to turn and float up and down (similar to sensations while riding Star Tours) and this first vehicle experience will end with docking your starship into the First Order’s docking bay.

Rise of the Resistance ride vehicle

As for the main ride vehicle, although it’s an omnimover vehicle, it’s also more of an omnicoaster because of its capabilities.

Look ma, no track!

There is no track with this ride so you’re free roaming based on where the coordinates are programmed for the ride’s track — something that we’ve only seen in one other attraction at Walt Disney World in Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT.

Where this one takes on more of a coaster-like feel is when it takes you through multiple levels without ever having to leave your vehicle. There’s even one scene toward the end of the ride experience where guests are made to believe they’re “dropping” from an escape pod out into space to float back down to Batuu.

“Your Escape Pod Came In A Little Off Target”

Obviously, guests aren’t actually dropping, and if it truly is a drop, it’s mere inches that are heightened to seem further than what it truly is. The ride vehicle will also shake and rumble when your vehicle “hits” the ground from the escape — again simulating a crash landing experience.

What About Rise of the Resistance Causes Motion Sickness?

This attraction may surprise you if you’re not usually prone to motion sickness!

It’s not a trap!

This is an incredibly advanced attraction that not only deals with a lot of obvious motion but it’s everything else in the environment that our readers have reported combined with the motion that seems to be the right mix of circumstances.

Rise of the Resistance

Because it is so technologically savvy, a lot of the ride’s tricks and imagery are hidden or played up with the use of large screens and lighting effects. Lots of unsuspecting guests don’t realize that Rise of the Resistance is also a giant indoor dark ride. While that on its own would usually not be enough to make a guest sick, if you find yourself caught up trying to move your head around to face each screen and the flashing lights, that could certainly increase your chances. People have also reported similar issues and sensations after disembarking EPCOT’s Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind coaster — although we’ve heard sitting as close to the middle of those rows helps the most on this ride.

How Can I Decrease My Chances Of Motion Sickness?

We’ve got a few tips to help!

Will YOU join the Resistance?

If you haven’t taken the time to do so already (and don’t mind spoiling the ride a bit for yourself), go ahead and scroll down to our video review of Rise of the Resistance at the bottom of this page. Sometimes, just being able to anticipate what lies ahead for you helps ease your mind and calm your stomach a bit, especially if you know when to anticipate that ending drop taking your tummy.

Rise of the Resistance

Additionally, people have reported that just going along for the ride tends to help these feelings subside. Sometimes just focusing on what’s in front of you and allowing the vehicle to turn you to what it wants you to see is better than turning your head around to take it all in. Although this may be tempting for your very first ride, it may leave you feeling less than your best for the rest of your day and decrease your chances of giving it another go in the future.

Rise of the Resistance

Lastly, planning when you intend to ride this attraction will be of great importance as well. We’ve heard reports of guests intentionally strategizing to make this their last ride of the day just in case they happened to feel sick so that they would be able to back to their resort as soon as possible and not cut the rest of their park day short. 

We hope that some of these tips will help reduce your own motion sickness for this ride. Follow DFB for the latest Disney park tips!

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Do you avoid Rise of the Resistance out of fear of getting motion sick? Tell us your take in the comments!

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