The Times To Visit Disney World With The Best (and Worst) Weather

There’s a rumor that Disney World is covered by a giant dome that allows the company to control the weather.

Magic Kingdom

While that would make running the park a WHOLE lot easier, it just isn’t true. Orlando is subject to all sorts of bad weather, from hurricanes and torrential downpours to brutal heat (which you may not be surprised by). What may surprise you is that it actually DOES get cold, too! Knowing what the weather will be like ahead of your trip can help you plan accordingly and avoid any discomfort.

We’ve taken you through all of the holidays and events throughout the year at Walt Disney World, so now we’re going to check out the weather in Disney World, month by month, so you know what to expect (and what to pack) for your trip!



If you’re venturing into the parks in March you’ll most likely be greeted by pleasant, mild weather. March is often in the mid- to upper-60s, with the average high being 79 degrees and the average low sitting around 57 degrees.

EPCOT in March (AKA Flower and Garden Festival time!)

This is the time of year when you’ll want to dress in layers as the weather is moving from winter into spring. Sometimes by midday it will be warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, but by night you might want to throw on a jacket or sweater.


April is a little warmer than March with the average high being 84 degrees. The average low is 63 degrees which means it can dip lower, so if that is too chilly for you be sure to bring your layers.

Hollywood Studios

Something about April that might be surprising is that it’s one of the least rainy months in Orlando! On average they’ll see about 4 rainy days throughout the entire month. Still, be sure to bring your poncho just in case!

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If you are expecting a sunny and warm Disney World then May is your month! While the averages are only a little higher than April (a high of 88 degrees and low of 69 degrees on average) it’s in a pretty sweet spot between too hot and too cold.

Tree of Life

The end of May is when things really start to heat up so if you’re not a fan of hot weather, the beginning of the month is a wonderful time to visit. May also has on average 6 rainy days making it another relatively dry month!



Heading into summer the temperatures start to ramp up, but you may be surprised to know the hotter temperatures are pretty stable throughout the summer. In June the average high is 91 degrees and the average low is 73 degrees and it isn’t much different for July and August.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

June also has on average around 12 rainy days, but this can vary. Typically rain showers happen in the afternoon so a good strategy is prioritizing outdoor rides in the morning. June is also when hurricane season begins! While it isn’t often that Orlando will see one during this month, it can happen, so just be aware.

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Similar to June, July’s average high is 92 degrees and the average low is 72 degrees. As the weather becomes hotter, it’s even more important to stay hydrated and take care to not overheat. Hats, sunscreen, and even long sleeves can help protect your skin from the constant sun.

Slinky Dog Dash

July has on average around 12 rainy days, so again make sure to prioritize outdoor rides because these will be the first to close if the rain picks up. However, Florida rain typically doesn’t last long, so don’t get too discouraged if you see a dark cloud looming!


Like we said, the summer months don’t really vary in their average temperatures. For August, the average high is 91 degrees while the average low is 75. That doesn’t mean you won’t see numbers outside of this range! Keep an eye on the temperature throughout the day and make sure you and your family and staying safe, especially when the thermometer climbs closer to 100 degrees.

Rainy August day in Magic Kingdom

August is much rainier than June though, with an average of 14 rainy days. This means there’s a 50/50 chance each day that you’ll see some rain! We stay prepared by carrying a poncho and wearing water resistant shoes. This lets us still explore the parks and maybe catch some shorter lines while others are cooped up inside!

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Woo hoo, it’s the fall! Time for cooler temperatures, right? Well … sort of! The averages are lower than the summer, but they’re still not flannel-and-Uggs kind of temperatures. The average high in September is 89 and the average low is 74, so still bring your shorts and tees.

Hurricane Ian near Disney World

September is in the middle of hurricane season and we sometimes see some pretty intense storms come through around this time of year (but not always). There’s no reason to be worried, though! Disney World is extremely prepared for severe weather and has protocols in place to keep their guests and employees safe.

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In October you can expect temperatures to sit between a high of 85 degrees and a low of 68 degrees. This time of year is when Orlando is finally dipping back into cooler temperatures, and when the sun goes down and you’re in the parks at night you may want to have a long-sleeved tee to throw on.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

On average Disney World sees around 5 days of rain in October, but don’t be fooled! Hurricane season isn’t quite over yet and it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see a storm roll through near Halloween. Make sure you’re still preparing for rain no matter what!


November marks the last month of Hurricane season (hurray!) and it’s highly unlikely you’ll see any major storms this month — but not impossible! The average high temperature sits around 78 degrees and the average low is 60 degrees.

Thanksgiving Day in Magic Kingdom

This is another great time for perfectly mild temperatures, plus on average November only sees around 4 days of rain! Despite the cooler weather don’t forget to bring your sun protection; even if the sky is overcast the UV rays can still reach your skin and you want to take good care to keep reapplying throughout the day no matter how cool it gets.

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If comfortable-to-cool temperatures and no rain is your thing, December might be the best time of year for you to visit Disney World! On average the parks only receive around 4 days of rain, while the average high is 75 degrees and the average low is 55 degrees.

Magical snoap!

This might not be the normal Christmas weather you’re used to, but Disney does their best to make guests feel festive. You may even see some “flurries” while you’re in the parks, but these snowflakes are actually made of soap! For those who can’t stand the cold, this could be the perfect way to spend the holidays away from the freezing temperatures.


January is probably the least humid time of year in Orlando! It’s also pretty cool, with an average high temperature of 72 degrees and an average low of 51 degrees. Even though it isn’t hot, make sure you’ll still staying hydrated because you get quite the workout as you walk around the parks!

Crossroads of America in Hollywood Studios

The lack of humidity means also less rainy days — January sees an average of 4 days of rain. However, this is the time when carrying a poncho and other rain gear is the most important! The last thing you’d want is to be soaking wet AND cold.


February is when temperatures finally start to rise again. The average high is 75 degrees and the average low is 54 degrees, and usually mornings can start off chilly before warming up (especially once you start to walk around!).

Magic Kingdom

Similar to January, February is a pretty dry month. On average, Orlando will get around 4 days of rain throughout the month. February is a great time to avoid crowds and enjoy some milder temperatures!


This is a good general guide to follow when preparing for your next Disney World trip. The weather can be unpredictable so don’t be surprised to see a ton of rain during a supposedly “dry” month or temperatures outside of their normal range. For example, in February of 2023 we saw highs reaching up to 91 degrees! We suggest keeping rain gear with you at all times and dressing in layers to keep yourself comfortable at a moment’s notice.

Curious about when you should plan your next trip? Watch our video below on the best times to visit Disney World in 2023!

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