Find Out What a ‘Mandalorian’ RIDE Would Look Like at Disney

The Mandalorian is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on Disney+.


And there’s no shortage of things for fans to get excited about right now. From the Mandalorian-mania character interaction in Hollywood Studios that arrived this month to the new 3rd season that premiered on Disney+ that same day — Disney had been continuing to stoke our fandom. But will we ever get a Mandalorian ride to look forward to in the parks? Apparently, creator Jon Favreau has some thoughts!

In an interview with IMDB, Favreau was asked what he thought The Mandalorian ride at the Disney Parks would be like— and he delivered!


That’s a huge yes on rides that make you feel sick. 🙏 #mandalorian #disneyworld #jonfavreau #kateesackhoff #imdb

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I’d probably do something that’s very immersive. I’d probably do something with haptics worked in. I’d probably use assets that we use in the Volume,” Favreau told the interviewer. He also shared that he’d want it to be educational — “but not like a museum reading a plaque.” Instead, he talked about how when he was a kid he always liked when they “pulled the curtain back on the effects of the movies,” so he thinks it should be educational like “sit in here, feel this, and here’s how we did it.


That sounds like a lot of fun to us! While this is just a what-if scenario, we think this would be a great addition to Galaxy’s Edge. We’ll keep an eye out to see if anything comes of this, so stay tuned to DFB for more Disney news!

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