Why We CAN’T WAIT To Visit The Cake Bake Shop in Disney World

There are a LOT of new restaurants opening soon in Disney World, and we can’t wait to try them all! Roundup Rodeo BBQ and Summer House on the Lake are a couple of examples, but our sweet tooth is craving The Cake Bake Shop.

The Boardwalk

The bakery’s third location is coming to Disney’s Boardwalk later this year. We already have an idea of what the menu and pricing will be like based on its other locations, and we’ve even interviewed the owner and founder, Gwendolyn Rogers. We just got a sneak peek of what some of the decorations could be when this new location opens!

Something that sets The Cake Bake Shop apart from other bakeries is the elaborate seasonal decorations that are put up to celebrate different seasons and holidays. Recently, the shop posted about a new, elaborate spring display that has come to both Indiana shops, which is called ‘So This Is Love.’ You might recognize that as the love song from Disney’s Cinderella — even though the Disney location isn’t open yet, they’re already starting with the Disney theming!

We think we can expect to see these gorgeous displays coming to Disney World when the location opens in 2023. How breathtaking is this?! But the fancy decorations aren’t the only announcement. If you’re going to visit one of the two existing Cake Bake Shop locations, check out seasonal menu items like Lemon Blueberry Cake and Coconut Passionfruit Cake. We don’t know about you, but our tummy is rumbling.

Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis

We had an exclusive interview with The Cake Bake Shop’s founder and owner, Gwendolyn Rogers, last year we were able to learn more about The Cake Bake Shop and what the Disney World location could look like.

We asked her about the seasonal menu and decorations when we spoke.

DFB: You mentioned that the menu changes seasonally, and we also saw that a big part of the existing locations is elaborate seasonal decorations. Is the plan for those decorations to come to Disney World as well?

Gwendolyn Rogers: I hope so! I hope they let me do as many Christmas trees as I like to do. On the outside of my Carmel shop, I have 14 Christmas trees, and they all twinkle and have beautiful ornaments on them. Inside, I always have a huge, 15-foot Christmas tree, which is just stunning to look at. I’m hoping that I’ll get to re-create what I do here. And I think that’s what makes this place so magical — it kind of brings you back in time in a way. There’s no other place you can go outside of Disney World that makes you feel so much like a kid. Our shops bring back those old memories of storefront windows and what it was like to be in a place before technology — before cell phones were there. You actually spend time with your family and friends and enjoy a meal at the family table. What Cake Bake does is it brings a little bit of that back. It’s beautiful to watch.

How stunning!

We also asked about the specifics of the Disney World location and what we could expect.

DFB: We’d love to ask about some of the specifics that we’ll see at this new location. Will there be a private event space at The Cake Bake Shop in Disney World?

GR: I will have two private rooms. The way I’m designing it, you can take sections of the restaurant and close them off individually. So really, I’ll have six different areas where people can have a private event or a party, and I can close off that space to make it more intimate. Or, if I don’t have any parties, I can open it up and it’ll all look like one big, open place. The way I design spaces, I love to have different lighting in each area. I love light fixtures — those are my gig. I’m not a big fan of can lighting, so I never use can lighting anywhere, in any room. It changes the room. To have a light shining right on my head makes me uncomfortable, so I’d rather have warm, soft lighting with chandeliers and sconces. That’s how I design my restaurants. I also change the ceiling heights in every room. So in Carmel, there are beautiful beams across the main dining room with beautiful crystal chandeliers. Then the private rooms have lower ceilings that make the space more intimate. And in those spaces people can have a private bridal shower, a private wine dinner, a private champagne dinner. I’m going to have a champagne bar in the back of the Disney location, which will be different from the regular bar. The new restaurant will look just like the Carmel location in Indiana, just better!

Concept art for The Cake Bake Shop

Construction is still happening at the Boardwalk now, and we make sure to look for updates every time we’re there!

It’s coming along! — February 2023

We are so excited to see what this new location brings, and we will be ready for when those dining reservations open. We will keep you updated on all things Cake Bake Shop. Be sure you are following DFB for all Disney dining news.

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