COVID-19 Policy CHANGE Announced for Tokyo Disneyland

To ensure we are equipping our readers with all the information they need, we will continue to report on all travel, safety, and COVID-related news that could impact a Disney Parks visit.

Many health and safety regulations have been changing across Disney Parks all around the world, and one Disney Park is updating their guidelines.

Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is looking forward to several upcoming changes, including a 40th-anniversary celebration right around the corner and new lands coming soon.

Beauty and the Beast Attraction!

Now the park is seeing changes to its COVID-19 face mask policy, as it relates to the “Amusement Park and Theme Park New Coronavirus Infection Containment Guidelines.”

According to the Tokyo Disneyland website, partial changes to Park Operations and Health and Safety measures will begin on March 13th, 2023. Starting on that date, face masks will be optional for all guests, meaning it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to wear a mask.


However, the website does state that guests may be required to wear a mask in certain cases. This may apply to Disney Character Greetings, regardless of venue location.

The website also details various other operational standards that they are continuing to implement and requests continued guest diligence when it comes to washing and sanitizing hands.


This comes as the park’s latest updates regarding COVID-19 as Japan moves towards reclassifying the virus come May 8th. As always, if you’re traveling internationally, it is best to check the rules for the areas you plan to visit. Japan still recommends the use of a mask in highly crowded areas, and Tokyo Disneyland may still require masks in areas they deem they are needed. It’s best to pack a few face masks just in case if you plan to visit soon!

We’ll keep reporting on changes and updates as they come out.

Health and safety updates in Disney World

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